Invasion on Apple TV: Trevante star opens up hardships of isolation during filming

Invasion: Official trailer from Apple TV

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Invasion is the new science-fiction epic on Apple TV+. The show charts the destructive course of an alien invasion on a global scale. Broken down into five main storylines, one of the most brutal is Trevante Cole’s (played by Shamier Anderson) isolating arc. Anderson recently spoke to about his journey with the character and how he got to grips with the harsh shoot.

Invasion explores some important personal themes while also delivering on the global alien threat fans were hoping for.

Originally envisioned to be an adaptation of War of the Worlds, the show chose to focus more on the character’s personal successes and failures, rather than the standard story that viewers are familiar with.

As a result, Invasion is a very different narrative, one the viewers and its stars had to familiarise themselves with.

One of the main stars of the series, Shamier Anderson, had one of the most challenging shoots for the project.

Set in an unspecified location in the Middle East, Trevante Cole is a United States Sergeant that is thrown into a situation he never trained for.

As the commander of his team, the weight of responsibility leans on him heavily, but it isn’t long before he finds himself lost and alone.

Kicking off Trevante’s story is a situation in which his squad is separated and divided, casting him out alone into the desert.

For most of the earlier episodes of the show, Anderson spent long days in the baking hot desert as Trevante’s desperate mission was just getting underway.

Anderson explains: “I got a big family, I got a lot of friends, and I love to be loved, you know, I have a lot of love to give.

“So being in Trevante’s shoes, I had to really feel a sense of isolation and through doing that, anytime I was on set or off set, I had to remain in that headspace of just wanting to be alone.”

Anderson joked: “Especially when we were filming during Covid, everybody was social distancing anyway, so it helped, it really helped my process.”

The star also detailed the intense training he went through during filming, even going through military training to prepare himself for the desert.

“Everyone was so collaborative during the process,” Anderson continued, adding: “Specifically during the Navy SEAL aspect of the training.”

The series was written by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, with the writers being best known for The Martin and Solos, respectively.

Anderson stressed how important it was for them to allow him as an actor to experience the real hardships that his character was going through.

This involved long hours spent alone in the desert in the scolding heat, along with sleeping on location to immerse himself in the character. 

Anderson said: “[Kinberg and Weil] supported me in wanting to sleep in the desert.

“They constantly supported me with wanting to be isolated and feel that isolation throughout the entire odyssey of the series.”

Trevante’s arc seeing him come face to face with the aliens early on in the story, something the other four stories hold back on.

Each story represents a different genre, with Trevante’s bringing the bulk of the action to the show.

Invasion continues Fridays exclusively on Apple TV+.

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