Is BBC Two's Danny Boy based on a true story?

DANNY Boy is the BBC's new feature length drama which tells the story of a hero's ordeal after being wrongly accused of war crimes.

The harrowing story recounts the events of one of Britain's biggest-ever public inquiry.

Is BBC Two's Danny Boy based on a true story?

Yes! Danny Boy tells the true story of Brian Wood, a solider falsely accused of murder after risking his life in Iraq.

The Former Colour Sergeant is a real-life solider who served in one of the fiercest battles of the Iraq war, the Battle of Danny Boy in 2004.

But nine years later found himself embroiled in one of Britain’s biggest ever public enquiries, the 2009 Al-Sweady Inquiry which accused the soldiers of killing and abusing civilians.

Anthony Boyle play the lead role in a harrowing retelling of Soldier Brian Wood’s story.

What is Danny Boy about?

Wood received the Military Cross for bravery while serving in Iraq, in the bloody Battle of Danny Boy.

May 14, 2004 saw members of the Prince of Wales Regiment attempt to rescue a patrol of Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who had been ambushed by around 100 Iraqi insurgents.

The battle that followed took place near the British checkpoint called Danny Boy, hence the name it is now remembered by.

No British troops died in the battle, but 28 enemy fighters were killed.

But five years after the battle, a team of human rights lawyers led by Phil Shiner, portrayed in the show by Toby Jones, claimed Brian was among a group of British soldiers who had carried out an atrocity.

Shiner had previously brought the UK government to account for the shameful killing of Iraqi civilian Baha Mousa by British troops in 2003.

But he assumed similar abuse took place at Danny Boy.

Shiner’s firm, Public Interest Lawyers, claimed Brian’s regiment captured 20 men and executed most of them — as well as mistreating those they allowed to live.

They accused the soldiers of trying to cover up the killings.

The inquiry involved heavy and traumatic interrogation of Brian and other members of the Prince of Wales Regiment.

But they were finally absolved when a testimony was uncovered confirming the men were insurgents, not innocent farmers.

How can I watch Danny Boy on BBC Two?

Danny Boy is a one-off drama from the BBC. 

It will air on Wednesday May 12 at 9pm on BBC Two.

The drama is 90 minutes long.

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