Kate Garraway inspired by friends battling cancer as she takes on I’m A Celeb

Kate Garraway says she will be inspired to triumph in the jungle by her gung-ho daughter Darcey and friends who are currently fighting cancer.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 52, has left her family and friends behind for an adventure Down Under, and she is determined to give it her best shot at being crowned Queen.

She explained: “My daughter's really brave. She's very sporting, she's very fearless. If there's ever any activity we go and do when we go on holiday, she always wants to do everything.

"Even things that she's too young to do, she'll say, 'Oh, how long is it going to be before I can do that?' So she said to me, 'Whenever you're faced with a trial, don't think about it. Just think, what would Darcy do? And just do it.'

"So that's going to be my motto, what would Darcy do?

“Actually doing this is proving to myself that I can tackle some fears. Also, I've got a couple of friends at the moment who are dealing with breast cancer.

"One of them who I've known since we were babies, we've grown up together, has got it for the second time and is fighting a genuine battle. So I kind of feel however bad the trials are, there are really big things going on in the real world.

"So I've just got to kind of tackle this because there are people out there fighting real battles. Its a bit of perspective.”

I'm A Celebrity – Secret insider snippets

Not funny in the dunny

If the jungle dunny is not bad enough, the show’s co-creator Natalka Znak originally wanted to ban toilet paper and make contestants use leaves.

Fortunately for campmates, she changed her mind and allowed toilet roll, much to the relief of those heading Down Under.

Tara terror

Tara Palmer-Tomlinson was the first person ever to do a Bushtucker Trial and it could have been horrific.

Originally, Tara was meant to have a neck brace to hold her head in place while thousands of cockroaches were poured over her head.

To Tara's relief, show bosses pulled the plug on the idea as they thought it would be too cruel.

No peeking

Danny Baker said that the campmates chosen for a Bushtucker Trial are blindfolded before being put in a Land Rover and driven to where the trial clearing.

Kate has been presenting on breakfast TV for 20 years which has allowed her to never be too far from home and her husband Derek Draper and two children Darcey, 13, and William, 9.

This made leaving them behind even more difficult.

Referring to an emotional goodbye to her family, she added: “I left very early in the morning. So we sort of said a big goodbye and snuggled them down in bed and I thought that was it. But then when I got up, they all got up.

"The kids got up and they all came downstairs and, I'm going to cry now, they all made me cards, and goodwill messages, and little poems and things, so it was an absolute killer.

I'm A Celebrity – in numbers

In one extraordinary series, The Sun has reported that I'm A Celebrity medics treated the following;

  • 30 insect bites,
  • 14 cases of tonsillitis,
  • 11 cases of flu,
  • 2 tick fevers,
  • 30 rashes,
  • Removed 100 ticks from celebs,
  • Relocated 22 pythons
  • And handled 2 pregnancies

“So my whole journey to the airport I was just in floods of tears. I think the taxi driver thought, 'What on earth is going on here?' Because of course they didn't know what I was going to do because it's still a secret. So yeah, it was a real killer."

Kate jetted into Brisbane Airport last week looking very glam. But she admitted she is worried about the jungle shower and has applied layers of fake tan to try to look good in camp even if she has “brown cellulite ”.

Asked about the famous waterfall shower, she said: “I've got big swimming costumes, I've got long ones, I've got one that looks basically like a Spanx and it sort of comes to just above my knee.

"I am very nervous about that because I've got an ordinary body. I've not got a celebrity body. That's the problem, I've not got a celebrity body.

"So I'm taking in a skimpy bikini and I'm going to see if the experience of being in the jungle is enough to make me let go of that fear, and by the end of it I actually put that bikini on.

“I have got so much fake tan and I'm going to apply more before I finally descend. But I'm going to be the only contestant that's going to get whiter as the time goes on.

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"Because I'm not very good in the sun and they make you wear 50 plus sun block, obviously to protect you because the sun is fierce here. So as it washes off, I'm going to get gradually whiter.

"When I emerge, I'm going to be white and blotchy and ridiculous. So yeah, it's going to be a very rapid and rather grim descent into feral.

“I've got a lot cellulite and my thinking was brown cellulite is better than white cellulite. It's not much to cling to, but it's what's I'm clinging to right now.”

Kate also said a lot of anxiety in life could be relieved if more people went into the countryside and got in touch with nature.

After we told about her love of Forest Bathing, she said: “I am a big fan of nature, and I have banged on for a long time about how disconnected I think we are in the modern world from nature and I think it's a contributory factor to a lot of people's mental health problems.

"That's not to say that it answers all mental health problems because people have all sorts of different cases.

“But for kind of low level anxiety, I do think an awful lot of issues are because we're disconnected from the seasons, we're disconnected with the natural rhythm of the world.

“At this moment I'm going through massive waves of anxiety because I haven't got my phone. Everything is on that phone. I can't even remember things anymore.

"I think our brains have changed because we're so used to picking up our phones and Googling things and looking up things, we just don't retain stuff anymore I've realized. Because as soon as you haven't got your phone you think, 'Oh my God, I can't remember that person's name'.

"It's so weird. And I think it would be very good for me to sort of have a massive digital detox and maybe it'll help me sort of reevaluate my priorities. But I'm definitely going to miss luxury

"We live in manmade cities and towns. Not all of us, obviously there's some people who work the land and are very connected, but a lot of us live in air conditioning or central heated homes and we don't feel the rhythm of nature the years anymore. And I think on a really deep unconscious level that affects us.”

*I'm A Celebrity returns on Sunday at 9pm on ITV

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