Katie Price heartbroken to say goodbye to Harvey as he returns to school after 'roller coaster' of lockdown

KATIE Price is preparing to say an emotional goodbye to son Harvey as he returns to school.

The 18-year-old, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, spent weekdays at a specialist residential centre before lockdown forced him to return home full-time.

Now the school has reopened, Harvey will be reunited with his friends.

Katie told us: “I will miss Harvey so much. We have such a special bond.

“It's been like three back to back summer holidays. I think most mums like me are delighted to be handing the schooling back to the professionals.

“I have nothing but the upmost respect for teachers and the dedicated hours they put in."

Harvey previously returned home from school on weekends, but he enjoyed his time away so much Katie revealed he sometimes didn't like coming back.

A source told us: "Harvey hasn’t seen any of his friends since before lock down. He can't wait. 

"Katie has cherished this time together. It's been one hell of a roller coaster."

The mum-of-five recently told how time with her “nearest and dearest” has put her back on the road to recovery as she battles agonising injuries to her feet. 

Sources close to the mum-of-five says seeing her mum Amy was “just what the doctor ordered”.

“Kate has had a really hard few weeks,” the source said. “Injuring her feet was bad enough. But then she got the diagnosis and had to go through the operation. Recovering has been really hard and she knows it is going to be a long road. 

“This weekend has been a step back in the right direction. Surrounding herself with her nearest and dearest is exactly what she has needed. They are all rallying round and making sure Katie is OK.”

Despite still being in agony from major surgery on her broken feet, Katie has been cracking jokes while she’s been away. 

The source continued: “She says the doctors are probably keeping an eye on her social media because they keep reminding her to take things easy and not overdo it! But Katie will be listening as she just wants to recover as fast as she can.”

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