Lily Collins Excited For Return Of ESPN’s ‘Manningcast’ From Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions – Video

When Peyton Manning appeared on Saturday Night Live he declared his love for Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

He told Colin Jost during a Weekend Update skit that the Netflix series “has everything: romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism, finally, not to mention a culinary tapestry so rich, I could only describe it as ‘food porn.’”

It was only right for Emily in Paris star Lily Collins to return the favor as Manning and his brother Eli prepare for the return of their Manningcast on ESPN.

The alternate presentation of Monday Night Football, which is produced by Peyton Manning’s production company Omaha Productions, launched last year and returns for season two with the brothers giving their experienced, and sometimes cheeky, takes on a series of NFL games.

“The only thing better than watching football, is watching other people watch football,” said Collins in the video that you can watch above.

“The Manning Brothers get to reprise the roles they were literally born to play – themselves. Peyton, the type-A older brother – meticulous, bossy, easily exasperated… and Eli – the dopey baby bro, easily confused, always looking like a sleepy teenager whose mom just woke him up from an unplanned nap. Don’t get me started on the fashion,” she joked. “Every permutation of khaki pant and quarterzip pullover a girl could dream of. And the colors – all manners of beiges and grays and beiges. You’ll feel like you were transported to an exotic Banquet Hall in Downtown Indianapolis, for day three of an Insurance Convention, where the salesmen are finally ready to cut loose.”

The video then cuts to Peyton Manning in his Emily in Paris beret. “Merci beaucoup, sweet Emily. Merci beaucoup,” he concludes.

Watch Manning on SNL below.

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