Lily James Posted New Pictures of Herself as Pamela Anderson and I'm Spiraling at the Resemblance

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy miniseries? Hard same. Though there has been backlash about the series even being a thing in the first place (more on that soon), Lily James continues to thrive with her Pamela Anderson transformations. Case in point: Lily recently shared a new picture of herself as Pam and once again is looking like a near replica of America’s favorite blonde bombshell.

Lily took to her Instagram Stories to share her new Pamela lewk, which consists of Pam’s signature blonde hair tousled into an updo, black eyeliner, frosted lipstick, and a slinky chainmail top that is totally in style rn. Does this girl ever miss? (No, nope, never.)

Obviously props need to be given to the show’s hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams because this is what Lily looks like at a regular red carpet event:

As a reminder, Lily shared the first official photo of her dressed up as Pamela to her Instagram last month and shocked tons of skeptics in the process. “‘It’s great to be blonde. With low expectations it’s very easy to surprise people’ – Pamela Anderson. Pam & Tommy, coming to @Hulu. #PamAndTommy @pamandtommyonhulu,” she captioned the snap.

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Lily hasn’t spoken publicly about playing Pamela (at least not yet), but Pamela’s close friend Courtney Love wrote a very opinionated Facebook post about why the show is a terrible idea. Courtney said the show is “f**king outrageous” and added that her heart goes out to her friend because Courtney is convinced the show’s existence will cause Pamela “further complex trauma.”

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