Line of Duty's Vicky McClure admits co-star 'p***ed me off' while filming series 6

LINE of Duty's Vicky McClure has admitted her co-star 'p***ed me off' while filming series 6 of the popular police drama.

Vicky, 37, is one of the show's lead actors alongside Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar.

As viewers prepare to see Vicky reprise her role as DI Kate Fleming on Sunday night, she revealed it's not always fun and games with her cast mates.

Describing the team as her "family", the actress spoke about spending a concentrated amount of time filming the BBC drama in Belfast.

The Mirror reports it was "pretty tough" for the star as they filmed in line with social distancing rules and she explained: "I was out [in Belfast] for three months, which is the longest I have ever spent away from home".

Chatting in an episode of the Blank Podcast with comedian Jim Daly and author Giles Paley-Phillips, she admitted that it sometimes meant she would be at odds with Martin, who plays DS Steve Arnott.

She recalled: "We did an interview together and we were asked whether there is anything we would like to ask each other that we haven't before.

"Martin asked me if he had ever p***ed me off and I thought that was a bit of a tricky question."

She went on: "The reality of it is that of course we have, of course we've p***ed each other off.

"It would be wrong of me to try and shine a light on something and people think that this has never happened as they will think, that is a lie."

But Vicky assured their fans: "In the same that it is with family, it has never been something so bad that it's irreparable,

"I might not have had any sleep that night, he might not have and with loads of lines to learn, you get to the set and you're knackered and there's a lot going on.

"It could be anybody that has got you a bit p***ed off, for whatever reason, that's just human beings."

She added that their spats were never a "big drama" and that the pair "are such good mates that you laugh about things".

Vicky recently recalled the carnage that ensued on a wild night out with both Adrian, 62, and Martin, 36.

The trio attempted to go to a sports bar and all hell broke loose when they were spotted by fans.

She reminisced to TV Mag: "Before we shut down, me, Adey and Martin went to a sports bar in Belfast, and everything was still open, and it was carnage.

"Everybody's just really excited and they just want to tell you that they're fans of the show and scream Adey's lines at us."

Line Of Duty starts tonight on BBC One at 9pm

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