Little Women: Atlanta Star Amanda Salinas' Wedding Turns Emotional During Father-Daughter Dance

Just married!

PEOPLE has exclusive photos and a sneak peek at Little Women: Atlanta‘s Amanda Salinas and Jordan Castillo’s wedding ceremony. In a clip of Thursday’s episode featuring the big night, the Tiny Twin gets emotional during her father-daughter dance.

Chula, mija,” her dad whispers as they begin to dance. “I love you, mama.”

“My dad is my everything,” Salinas, 27, says. “He has taught us the good and the bad.”

In the clip, Salinas reminisces about how important her dad was to her during her challenging childhood.

“Whenever we were in school, he would always go to our school and make sure that stuff was modified in the restroom for us to wash our hands,” she says, beginning to cry. “Whenever we would sit on chairs, he would build us little boxes so we would be able to reach. He always made sure to look out for us and I love him so much.”

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The video gives fans a look inside Salinas’ elegant reception in Texas, featuring snow-white tablecloths, gold-accented chairs — and some surprising guests.

The Salinas sisters’ arch-rivals The Cheeks get an invite to the wedding!

The Dallas wedding was planned by Millicent S. Finney & Associates — and the night wasn’t devoid of drama. In the episode, Salinas tells Minnie Ross last minute that she changed her mind about having her as maid of honor, spurring some controversy between the women.

Instead, Salinas enlists her twin sister Andrea for the role and demotes Minnie to bridesmaid, alongside Monie and Jordan’s sister Brittany.

Despite the last-minute changes, Minnie sheds some tears during the wedding ceremony.

Andrea’s two kids also had big roles that night. Six-year-old André was the ring bearer and 2-year-old Aubrey came out as the flower girl.

Salinas and Castillo started dating back in 2014 and got engaged during the summer of 2017. They officially tied the knot last August.

The next episode of Little Women: Atlanta (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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