'Love & Hip Hop': Erica Dixon Finally Reveals the Father of Her Twins

Erica Dixon was an open book on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but she seemingly grew to appreciate privacy. She notably hasn’t been as vocal about her romantic relationships, including with the father of her twins. But after nearly two years of keeping him out of the spotlight, Dixon has finally shown off the mystery man.

Erica Dixon has kept her baby daddy a secret for years

Fans have been trying to figure out his identity ever since Dixon announced she was expecting twins in February 2019. She went on to give birth to daughters Embrii and Eryss that May without ever naming their father. However, she has offered up some details about him, including that he is vegan and didn’t want their daughters to be vaccinated.

She faced widespread backlash over their decision not to vaccine their children. However, Dixon has always defended her parenting methods. “Everybody has something to say about the next persons parenting. Half of y’all don’t even raise your own kids and half a** support these children. Let people raise their children how they want in peace,” she tweeted in 2019.

Erica Dixon has now revealed the father of her twins

More than a year later, Dixon has finally shown off the father of her twins. For Halloween 2020, she posted a photo online of them and their kids dressed up as The Addams Family.

He dressed as Gomez in a black, pin-striped suit while Dixon dressed as Morticia in a long, black dress with bat-winged sleeves. She was seen holding her twins while standing next to her daughter Emani, 15, who dressed as Wednesday.

The photo received many positive comments on social media, with many fans gushing over Dixon’s “beautiful” family. “Very beautiful and unique 💕” one person wrote under Theybf.com’s re-post of the image. “They look just like him 😍,” said another.

Who did Erica Dixon date previously?

As many fans know, Dixon had a long relationship with Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy — the father of Emani.

They began dating in the early 2000s and were together off-and-on in the years that followed. She and Lil Scrappy even got engaged at one point on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. However, Dixon told Mouth to Ears she broke it off because he “wasn’t ready.”

“I definitely called off the engagement. Clearly Scrappy wasn’t ready. I feel like the whole proposal at the end of the day was to save his image,” she said (via Hello Beautiful). “It was all about how he looked to the people. So that’s why I believe he proposed at the end at the reunion because he was getting so much hate from fans and I think it was just too much for him to deal with.”

She reportedly went on to date people such as NFL stars Duke Williams and William Gay before dating the father of her twins.

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