Love Island fans accuse Lucie Donlan of making up Cornish word ‘bevvy’ as she’s never said it on social media before entering the villa – The Sun

LOVE Island's Lucie Donlan has been accused of making up the word "bev" for the show – because she's never said it on social media before.

The 21-year-old repeatedly said "bevvy" and "bev" to describe hot guys, even though there being no trace of it in her many posts.

She told viewers: "A bev is a hot guy. If he's your boyfriend he's your bev, but if he's not your boyfriend he's a bev."

However, her Twitter and Instagram accounts are a strictly bev-free zone – suggesting she'd invented it just for the show.

The official Love Island account helpfully jumped in with a definition, posting: "Bevvy (adjective): Sexy or good looking. ‘Joe is looking well bevvy tonight.'"

However, it hasn't gone down well with viewers, who branded her attempts to add the word to the show's famous terms -including grafting, melt and muggy – "embarrassing".

Many assumed it was a Cornish phrase – but tweeters from the southwestern county were quick to insist it most definitely wasn't.

One wrote: "For anyone wondering if ‘bevy’ is a Cornish slang word it definitely isn’t… a bevy to most of us is a drink."

Another said: "Just speaking for all us Cornish people, we have no idea what bevy means either."

A third explained: "I'm Cornish and have never heard anyone use the word 'bevy'."

One other suggested the Love Island producers send in a girl called Bev to call a halt to the term once and for all.

But if it doesn't catch on, Lucie has also invented other words including "woof" and "poofed off".

However, we'll have to wait for the official definitions for those as the show rolls on.

Lucie has proved a big hit with the boys on the show, coupling up with 22-year-old Londoner Joe Garratt.

However, Anton Danyluk also tried his luck – before crashing and burning – before she also caught the eye of boxer Tommy Fury.

Buoyed by all the male attention, she told the Beach Hut cameras: "It’s been such a full-on day.

"There have been bevs coming in everywhere and then two guys come in… who are also bevs."

Inevitably, that only led to more calls to ban the term, with one viewer posting: "What is this bev nonsense pls make it stop."Love Island recap – Catch up on all the action from episode 1 of 2019 series
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