Love Island fans beg bosses to ditch Unseen Bits show after ‘repeated’ footage

Love Island 2019 viewers were left confused when they tuned in on Saturday night to realise the normal episodes were not airing.

Instead, Love Island Unseen Bits played out, giving viewers a glimpse of what goes on in the villa with a series of not yet aired moments.

This has happened every year on the ITV2 dating series, but that didn’t stop some fans forgetting this change to the format.

Others simply didn’t want the special episode, with many calling for Saturdays to air normal episodes like the rest of the week.

Taking to Twitter , viewers were divided over what type of episode they preferred.

Many confessed they liked the episode, as they got to see funnier scenes as well as see more of particular islanders.

One fan said: “I think the unseen bits is actually better than the normal episodes.”

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Another viewer agreed: “Unseen bits is better than the main show cause it shows you them having a laugh/talking about everyday things.”

A third agreed: “Just throwing it out there but the unseen bits is better than the actual shows.”

However, some viewers disagreed, with many begging ITV bosses to ditch the special episodes in favour of the normal ones.

One annoyed viewer said: “URGH why is there not a normal #LoveIsland on a Saturday? This weekly episode is just pointless.”

A second added: “Seriously, what is unseen here? Tommy closing the door on Anna or the fact that they like food.”

This was echoed by a further viewer, who said: “Why are you showing bits already shown through the week in Saturday’s unseen bits?”

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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