Love Island fans spot major flaw as Tommy claims ‘head has been turned’ by Maura

Love Island 2019 star Tommy Fury left viewers in hysterics on Thursday night, thanks to a bizarre phrase he appeared to coin.

He found his head turned by new girl Maura Higgins, despite being coupled up with Molly-Mae Hague.

As Maura asked him whether he was considering dumping Molly to couple up with her instead, he turned to a common phrase to describe his situation.

But it appears Tommy didn’t know the phrase of doing a 360 degree spin to describe a change, which in itself isn’t exactly correct.

When someone finds themselves making a huge shift, or turning their life around, they often refer it to doing a 360, when in fact technically this means no change at all.

Where the islanders' head-turning is concerned, the phrase they should be looking for is a “180 degree spin”, switching from one islander to another.

Tommy clearly didn’t get the memo of either though, throwing a new phrase into the mix that has left viewers baffled amid him confessing to Molly that he would be getting to know the new girl.

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He told Maura that her entrance made his head spin “560 degrees”.

Fans were quick to point out the flaw in this statement, given it wasn’t exactly possible.

As many predicted he made a mistake, others were more confused at what it meant and which girl he liked more.

One fan said: “Trying to figure out which way Tommy was facing after he did his 560 degree turn.“

Another tweeted: “Okay when will they understand that it’s not 360 degrees bc that means ur back where u started.”

A third added: “Any clarity on what a 560 degrees turn is yet,” while a fourth fan said: “Maura babe, a complete 360 means his head is still not on you.”

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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