Love Island Lucie’s ‘bev’ is actually ‘secret code word to contact home’

Since Love Island 2019 kicked off this week, viewers have been picking up on words and phrases used frequently.

While Sherif Lanre has been saying “it is what it is” a lot, Lucie Donlan’s use of “bev” and “bevvy” us annoying fans.

The 21-year-old told her co-stars that it means an attractive person or that something is attractive.

But according to a source close to her, it actually means something completely different.


The insider explained that when Lucie says “bev”, she’s actually communicating with the outside world.

They told The Mirror: “She has a dog at home called Bevvy so it is a message to her family to say, ‘Right, I’m homesick.’

“It’s the simplest thing but everyone’s freaking out about it.

“She’s getting a lot of hate for it but she’s just homesick.”

They added that, quite simply, Lucie “was missing her bed” with her repeated use of the word.

Lucie has shared a number of snaps with her dogs on Instagram, including an adorable Chihuahua.

In a snap from October 2016, she posed with the dog and captioned it: “My angel… Miss Bevnish.”

Though in an earlier snap she seems to call the pooch “Foxy” – so it seems the riddle is set to continue.

Usually, islanders are unable to contact home unless of an emergency or as part of a task or treat.

Could Lucie be set to make a premature exit from the villa if she’s missing home so much?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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