Love Island star claims show bosses told her to ‘look sexy’ after ‘locking her in hotel’

Former Love Island contestant Savanna Darnell has claimed show bosses told her to “be more sexy” during her short-lived appearance in the villa.

The 23-year-old model shared a video on YouTube earlier this week where she spoke candidly about her experience on the ITV2 series.

Savanna said the was left suffering from depression and anxiety after entering the villa in 2018, only to be booted out days later.

The dancer claimed producers put her into isolation and she was cut off from the outside world weeks before appearing on screen.

When she finally entered the villa, bosses told her she needed to be more sexy.

She explained: “Here we are about to walk up to the villa. I am trembling, I am so nervous, I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous.

“My heart is beating. So the girls are walking up, we were trying to strut all sexily with these stoned underneath us in our heels and we’re all going over on our ankles and they were like (show bosses) ‘okay, can you try and look sexy?’.”

She fumed: “And I’m like, I actually can’t try and look sexy when there are stones underneath me and I’m trying to walk on stones with heels on.”

Elsewhere, Savanna said she was put through rigorous checks by producers.

She said: “You have to talk to a psychotherapist, physiotherapist. You have to talk to someone to see if you’re okay and if you’re healthy.”

However, she admitted that in the time leading up to her appearance she had been battling depression thanks to ITV bosses not confirming when she would be appearing on the show.

She said: “I was going crazy every day because I didn’t know what they were doing with me or when I was going in.”

Savanna explained how during that time she “didn’t want to leave bed”, leaving her mum worried.

Her problems were exasperated when she left the villa after just a few days only to realize she had given limited airtime on the show.

She said: “I came home, stupidly re-watched the episodes I was on and was absolutely fuming at my screen time because a lot happened in that vila that wasn’t put on screen.

“All my Love Island friends were going to events and doing brand deals, I was doing nothing.

“I hadn’t got an agent, I wasn’t hearing about events because I didn’t have an agent to tell me about these events. I was going crazy, I was getting upset, I was like ‘What the hell, why I haven’t got an agent? Everyone’s doing these fun events.”

However, Savanna added that she was glad she took part in the show, despite her ups and downs.

Daily Star Online has contacted a Love Island representative for comment.

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