Love Island viewers outraged as 'plus sized' Anna has a flat tum and perfect curves

LOVE Island viewers reacted with outrage when "plus sized" Anna Vakili walked into the villa – with a flat tummy and perfect curves.

One saw the 28-year-old pharmacist and fumed: "If anna is plus size then I’m a f***ing whale f*** clean off."

The Islander had been billed as the plus-size contestant who was giving the show a dose of body diversity.

She had insisted: "I'm a bit curvier than some of the girls that have been on before, so I'm repping it for the curvy girls too."

However, not many viewers were convinced, with one roaring: "An iPhone plus is more of a plus size than this Anna girl."

Another tweeted: "They’re calling her plus size? I’ve more fat on my big toe ?."

A third wrote: "We love all shapes and sizes. But Anna is NOT plus size. Come on #loveisland time for some body diversity?"

One other said: "I can't believe that pharmacist girl is considered "plus size", the only thing plus sized are her lips."

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