Love Island's Jess and Dom Lever reveal they've picked a GIRL's baby name as they admit they won't let their child watch them on reality show

JESS and Dom Lever have picked a GIRL's baby name and admitted they won't let their child watch them on Love Island.

The reality TV couple appeared on ITV's Lorraine today and beamed with happiness as they discussed their pregnancy after getting married on Good Morning Britain last year.

Jess showed off a glimpse of her bump in a floral dress that featured a plunging neckline.

The 25-year-old beauty revealed she is almost six months pregnant and Dom, 28, has been amazing at organising their home before they welcome the little tot into the world.

But the couple are yet to agree on names for their child and are working on a list, with Jess admitting that they have decided on a name if it is a girl.

She said: "We can't agree on names, we possibly have a girl's name but we don't have a boy's name yet. Yes, we have got a name if it's a girl.

"We can't say it because what if someone steals it?!"

Carol Vorderman, who is standing in for Lorraine Kelly, confessed to the couple that she doesn't watch Love Island – but asked them about romping on TV.

Jess replied: "It wasn't even our plan. But it is a natural progression of meeting someone you fall in love with.

"No kid needs to see their parent like that."

But the presenter wasn't convinced that their child should find out how they met.

The beauty replied: "No kid needs to see their parent like that."

Earlier this week, Jess stripped to show off her burgeoning baby bump on Instagram.

The reality show beauty, 25, told fans: "Still feeling myself even with the belly" as she enjoyed a cuppa in lace underwear.

Her followers certainly agreed as one person wrote: "You look absolutely beautiful Jess"

Jess and Dom took TEN tests when they suspected she was expecting at just two weeks along.

The couple found out in January that Jess was pregnant but they only announced their happy news earlier this month.

They also revealed that their baby could experience compilations due to a rare blood type – RH Negative.

They were told that it means their child could develop rhesus disease, where the mother's blood cells attempt to destroy the baby's blood cells leading to anaemia and jaundice.

The risks involved meant that the couple decided to wait to tell their family and friends their baby news, out of fear that something could go wrong.

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