Love Island’s Michael makes a move on Amber but she pies him for odd reason

Love Island 's Michael and Amber finally sat down to talk about their feelings – but it didn't exactly go to plan.

After days of flirting and seeking advice from their fellow Islanders, the pair – who aren't officially a couple – discussed taking their relationship to the next level.

But things went a little wrong when Michael tried to kiss Amber and she pied him.

She later confessed the reason she'd avoided locking lips with the tattooed hunk was because her breath stunk of cola.

After plucking up the courage – following a chat with Joe – Michael pulled Amber to one side, asking her to join him on for a chat on the terrace.

Michael, who is currently coupled up with Yewande, told her: "I am attracted to you. I’m not trying to get to know anybody else. I don’t think anybody could walk through that door that makes me nervous like you do."

Amber asked: "Why? In what way?"

Michael told her: "I want to impress you. I get nervous around you and I don’t do that! Why am I being soft? Obviously because I’m into you!"

"I feel shy," Amber says coyly.

To prove he's interested in her, Michael went in for a kiss and a surprised Amber started giggling.

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She pulled away and said: "You’re making me feel nervous!"

Amber later reflected in the Beach Hut.

She said: "He tried to kiss me and I pied him off a little bit! I wasn’t prepared and I was a bit nervous. I’d been drinking cola so my breath wasn’t the nicest thing in the world."

Amber had a debrief with Anna and Yewande and told the girls that she has just pied Michael after he tried to kiss her.

Knowing that Amber likes Michael, Anna asked her why she didn’t kiss him.

She confessed: "My breath. I wanted to be fresh!"

The girls asked why she didn't prepare and she said: "I didn’t think about it. I didn’t think that was going to happen!"

Amber was left feeling guilty about not kissing Michael.

Later that evening, the pair chatted on the day beds.

Amber told him: "Basically, I wasn’t prepared earlier. I’m more prepared now."

Amber and Michael then shared their first kiss.

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