Love Islands new bombshell revealed as nurse Priya Gopaldas who is isolating in Mallorca

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The newest addition to the Love Island villa is reportedly set to be 23 year old student nurse Priya Gopaldas who worked on a Covid-19 ward throughout the pandemic.

Priya has reportedly been isolating in Mallorca for the last week in preparation for her arrival on the show that could be as soon as the end of this week.

Four contestants will be leaving the show in Thursday night's dumping following a public vote that put six housemates on the chopping block.

While four will be leaving us, it isn’t going to be long before the numbers are bumped back up as new contestants are prepped for a spot in the villa.

A source speaking to Mail Online said: “Priya will turn heads for sure. She's beautiful, intelligent and has a heart of gold. The guys will be scrambling over her if she gets the nod.”.

Priya is a fifth year medical student studying at University College London and had to work on the Covid-19 Intensive care unit earlier in the year.

Students at the UCL hospital had been asked if they could assist as cases grew across the country, with Priya volunteering her time just after Christmas.

She worked in the understaffed department on 12 hour long night shifts to help support the doctors and nurses.

On the UCL website she said of her experience: “As ICU was particularly understaffed at night, I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and take on the challenge of a 12-hour night shift, despite having never done one before.

“My first shift was a daunting experience. Donning PPE for the first time felt uncomfortable and strange.

“I then followed the nurses into the ICU bay and was shocked to see just how ill patients were. Most patients were intubated, ventilated and sedated, needing round the clock monitoring and care.

“I was also surprised to learn that UCLH had over 200 covid positive patients of all ages and ethnicities.”

Tonight’s episode of the show has couple Amy and Hugo, Clarisse and Tyler and Mary and Sam at risk of dumping from the villa.

The three couples placed last in the public vote for favourite and now the remaining islanders must choose only two contestants to remain – one boy and one girl.

The girls will be picking from the boys; Hugo, Tyler and Sam, while the boys will be picking from the girls; Amy, Clarisse and Mary.

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