Lucifer’s Tom Ellis reveals ‘surprising’ plans away from series after season 6

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Tom Ellis has become a major star across the world thanks to his devilishly charming performance as Lucifer Morningstar. The Fox and Netflix star may be saying goodbye to his iconic DC role soon, but he has assured his fans he has plenty ideas for projects he wants to take on in the future.


The first eight episodes of Lucifer’s fifth season hit Netflix last month and fans have been eating up the devil’s most exciting adventures yet.

After a lengthy stint in hell, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) returned to Earth to reunite with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and take down his devious twin brother Michael.

Although the series was previously thought to come to an end with season five, Netflix have confirmed Lucifer will return for a sixth and final instalment.

Unfortunately, filming in Los Angeles for the current season’s anticipated finale was cut short in March by the outbreak of coronavirus.

With viewers uncertain as to when the popular fantasy drama will continue, star Tom Ellis is still in production limbo ahead of his final outing as the iconic anti-hero.

Thankfully, the current situation has not dissuaded the British star from thinking about other projects he’d like to pursue once his Lucifer commitments come to an end.

Ellis first became well-known for his supporting role as Gary Preston on BBC sitcom Miranda, and also landed parts in popular British shows such as Doctor Who and Merlin.

Since then, his performance as Lucifer Morningstar has launched him to international stardom.

Now Ellis has reinvented himself as a charming leading man, the star has surprised fans with his latest comments about his potential post-Lucifer career.

He recently told Square Mile he’d prefer to take on something completely different rather than remaining typecast in similar roles.

Ellis explained: “I am going to find myself in that similar territory in that people are going to expect one thing from me now.”

With fantasy and comic book properties still more popular than ever, there will be no shortage of coveted roles Tom Ellis could pursue once he hangs up his devil horns.

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Indeed, many TV stars have been making the leap to blockbuster films, especially with Marvel’s tendency to pull from the latest small screen hits to fill their roster of heroes and villains.

However, after evolving from a sitcom love interest to fantasy hero over the last decade, the actor is no stranger to breaking free from his comfort zone.

He continued: “And I would like to surprise them and do something completely different. That’s always been my thought process.”

Although it would be natural to assume Ellis could play a demonic supervillain or dashing detective in his next project, these sorts of roles might feel too familiar after six seasons of Lucifer.

Recently, Ellis made a return to comedy and appeared as Dr Todd in the Netflix rom-com Isn’t It Romantic.

While Lucifer isn’t broadly comedic, there are still plenty of laughs to be had and Tom Ellis often gets the chance to show off his sense of humour.

Now, his thoughts about his career post-Lucifer could hint towards his roles taking a darker direction after his tenure as the sardonic Lord of Darkness comes to an end.

Ellis took on a dual role as Lucifer’s twin brother Michael in the latest season, so fans have witnessed the full scope of his acting chops earlier this year.

Moreover, the last five seasons of Lucifer have solidified Tom Ellis as an actor to watch, whatever challenge he takes on next.

Lucifer Season 5, Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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