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MAMA June's husband Justin Stroud underwent a major transformation after getting dentures on Road to Redemption.

During the finale, the reality star brings her beau to get a full set of teeth – something he hasn't had since childhood.

During the latest episode of Road to Redemption, viewers see Mama June bring her then-boyfriend Justin to a California dentist to receive a full set of teeth.

Before heading to the doctor, Justin reveals his dental woes and more, telling fans: "It's been 20 years with teeth problems. You know, when I was a kid I had health issues and it really messed with my self-confidence and my self-esteem so I didn't smile a lot.

"Well, when I went to prison, they said they yank 'em out for free so I ran with it."

Mama June gushes: "I love you for who you are. I mean I know your background story and a lot of people are here to judge and trust me guys people do judge but look all I got to say is Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio better get ready because this is gonna be the new face in them movies when them new teeth come in.”

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Justin chimes in: "We need to get ready to go to the dentist because I’m ready to go chew on some food. …You know I ain’t been able to chew no meat up in a long time guys.”

At the dentist, Mama June's latest love interest receives his dentures and has a chance to try them on for the first time.

The dentist notes that it will take some time for him to get used to them.

Almost immediately after the false teeth are inserted, Justin is all smiles.

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The show puts a side-by-side on screen, giving fans a look at Justin's before and after.

Justin's dental work was a gift from Mama June who, according to daughter Lauryn Pumpkin Efird's lawyer, makes "about 330,000 a year which is 25,000 a month."

The reveal was made amid a discussion about Mama June paying child support after Pumpkin and her husband Josh got custody of Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson.


Despite Mama June's alleged massive salary, she is hesitant to pay her daughter child support in the latest episode of Road to Redemption.

To make matters worse, Pumpkin has been open off screen about her money struggles.

The star previously opened up to fans about her bank account being in the negative.

She also recently begged her supporters to pay $60 for a personalized Cameo from the star and send cash as a gift for her husband Josh's birthday.

Her most recent money plea came via her Instagram Stories.

The 22-year-old shared a screenshot of her husband Josh Efird's cash app page and suggested that fans send him a monetary gift to celebrate his special day.

She wrote: "Today's @official_josh_efird birthday. For the ones who've asked to send him stuff. Here's his cash app."

The post circulated on social media, where users ripped apart the mom-of-four for "going too far."

An online thread erupted with comments as one wrote: "This begging needs to stop. We all have issues. This is going too far. I am in shock.!!!" 

Another agreed: "It is disgusting how they all are on TT lives like they live on it constantly asking for money. They don't even make content. Just demand gifts. So gross."

A third person chimed in: "It’s starting to make me lose respect for pumpkin and josh etc bc they are acting just like her mom does and that’s pretty sad. Just at a loss for words the more I keep hearing this."

A fourth echoed the statement: "Sadly starting to like them less the more I see things like this."

A fifth added: "Eeeeew. How can people be so grabby. Its so tacky and gross. I'd be embarrassed to do that."


Fans were already aware of the TV star's money issues as she previously revealed her bank account was negative following a glitch that saw hundreds of dollars removed.

Pumpkin and her husband Josh recently welcomed their third and fourth children – twins – less than a year after their son Bentley's birth.

The TV star is also the legal guardian of her younger sister Alana.

The 16-year-old was removed from her mother, June "Mama June"Shannon's custody following a public battle with addiction, which led to an arrest.

But Pumpkin is struggling to provide for her expanded family.

One family insider exclusively told The Sun just how tight the family's finances have gotten. 

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They claimed: "Pumpkin told June she didn't have any groceries in the house, and she told Pumpkin, 'Well you better get on TikTok and make some d**n money."

The source added incredulously: "Why would a mother even say something like that?!"

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