Marlo Hampton Shades 'Awful' Kenya Moore, Still Doubts Legitimacy of Marriage to Marc Daly (Exclusive)

“Whenever it comes to Kenya, she always has different tricks in the bag,” says NeNe Leakes’ best friend.

Marlo Hampton thinks both Kenya Moore and her divorce from Marc Daly are "awful," even though she doubts the legitimacy of their marriage.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star’s whirlwind romance with the seemingly perfect businessman from New York drew lots of skepticism from her co-stars a few seasons back. Leading the pack was Marlo’s best friend and Kenya’s rival, NeNe Leakes.

"Whenever it comes to Kenya, she always has different tricks in the bag," Marlo said when recently asked if she still feels Kenya’s two-year marriage was a scam. "So you never know what you’re gonna get when it comes to Mrs. Moore. I’m 50-50 with it."

When posed with the question of why Marlo and Kenya aren’t friends, considering they seem to have a lot in common, Marlo said, "You know what? I thought we had a lot in common ’cause we’re both Aquarius."

But don’t you dare tell her she and Kenya both have good senses of style!

"Uh! No! No. You saying NeNe and I have a lot in common with fashion? I know you did not say Kenya and I have a lot in common. No," she fired back. "Kenya just started buying labels, sweetie, in the last two years, okay? She’s not that good with fashion."

Hampton also said she doesn’t see the need for Moore and Leakes to make amends.

"It’s not even that it’s too late, it’s just that they don’t need to bury hatchets. Some people are awful and they just won’t ever change," she said, adding that she "didn’t feel any kind of way" about Kenya’s return to "RHOA."

"I’m just sorry to hear about her and her husband are getting a divorce," Hampton noted. "I mean, I feel that’s awful because they do have a beautiful baby on the other end. But you know, shit happens, right?"

Moore famously went on hiatus in Season 11. It was speculated at the time that she was forced to choose between her husband and being on the show, which she confirmed during a recent appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

During the Season 12 premiere, Kenya gushed over her "miracle baby," Brooklyn. The topic of her marriage to Marc, however, wasn’t met with as much enthusiasm.

"I feel like God put me through certain challenges in my life," she said in one of her first confessionals of the evening. "He made me kiss a lot of frogs. I felt like I had a fairy tale ending, but some things are not exactly like you thought it would be. Marc’s businesses are growing, so he has to be in New York a little bit more often, but I envisioned when Brooklyn would be born, that Marc and I would be spending the majority of the time under one roof, in the same city, in the same house. Although I love Marc’s hustle and work ethic, the distance is really putting a strain on our marriage."

They announced their divorce last month.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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