Married At First Sight Australia stars get paid £83 a day – and get £5,555 if they make it to the final

THEY signed up to find love with a stranger – but that's not all the Married At First Sight Australia stars go home with.

Mike Gunner – who shot to fame on series six of the hit show – has revealed the brides and grooms are given a small allowance of £83 a day during filming.

Many are forced to give up their jobs to marry and move in with their new bride or groom.

If they stay until the end of the process, stars can expect to be handed £5,555 by producers.

As Mike answered a Q&A on Instagram, fans wanted to know if he'd made money out of filming the show.

"Yes, we got paid," said Mike.

"It was $150 a day, which worked out to be exactly ten grand if you did the whole thing from start to finish.

"Not a lot of money, but you didn't spend a lot of money either so I guess I made something."

Mike was left heartbroken at the end of filming Married At First Sight when his 'marriage' to Heidi Latcham collapsed.

Earlier this month, The Sun revealed Mike had been forced to deny cheating on Heidi when his co-star Cyrell Paule sensationally claimed she discovered he'd been unfaithful during filming.

Mike has slammed the accusations as "nonsense".

Cyrell, 32, told The Sun: "I know for a fact he was cheating on Heidi with another girl while they were filming.

"Heidi is a good friend of mine and she admitted that to me.

"When he was talking to the guys and saying 'oh it just didn't work out, but she's a lovely girl', I thought – 'Don't talk out of your f***ing arse, you lying piece of s***, you were f***ing another b***** while you were filming.

"That's what I said to him and that's why he hates me. "I'm brutally honest, I don't care. I had to call him out.

When The Sun reached out to Mike, he said Cyrell's allegations were "simply false".

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