Masterchef fans DISGUSTED by contestant's fish and coconut macaroni cheese dish – but she has the last laugh

MASTERCHEF fans were left disgusted by contestant's fish and coconut macaroni cheese dish – but fortunately she had the last laugh.

On Monday night's episode of the BBC One show, Zane, Claire, Sophia, Aaron and Letitia were battling out for a place in the quarter final.

The first two to impress judges Greg Wallace and John Torode were Claire and Sophie, who cooked their signature dishes – Italian fresh pasta and a spider crab tart.

This left the final three battling it out for the two remaining MasterChef aprons and unfortunately Zane was voted out of the competition after he failed to impress with his own lamb curry.

Aaron left the judges speechless with his tasty chocolate fondant, while Letitia wowed with pepa pawn fritas.

The final four made sure they pulled out all the stops to make sure they got a place in the next stage of the competition.

However fans of the programme were left very intrigued by Letitia's choice of dish.

While Sophie was busing making calamari, Aaron was trying to perfect his crispy duck egg.

Claire was cooking sea bass and Letitia decided to make jerk salmon, macaroni cheese and coconut rice.

Gregg Wallace asked the hopeful winner: "What does macaroni cheese do for fish?"

Letitia replied: "Not much but it works… so we're having it."

But viewers of the show didn't agree with her statement.

One wrote on Twitter: "Macaroni cheese & fish?? Wtaf, no – the only thing that goes with Mac & cheese is bacon. #masterchef."

Another said: "Did she just say macaroni cheese and fish?”

Meanwhile others pointed out that it's a traditional Caribbean dish that plenty of people enjoy.

One wrote: "I love #Masterchef but its grinding my gears listening to whats-his-face saying rice, jerk salmon and mac-n-cheese don't belong on the same plate. It's a standard Caribbean food plate. I'm really irritated."

Another said: "I have to really question @JohnTorode1 when he says that jerk salmon, Mac and cheese and rice don’t belong on the same plate. This is how Caribbean people eat it all goes; thank you very much! #MasterChef."

A third chimed in: "That salmon, Mac n cheese and rice typical Caribbean dish. What do you mean they don't go together learn your cultures #MasterChef."

After the four hopeful quarter finalists let fellow champions Shelina Permalloo (2012) and Mat Follas (2009) taste their delicious food, it was time for them to find out who made it through to the next stage of the competition.

The first person put through was Claire after creating a selection of amazing dishes.

And despite Gregg and John's hesitation about her choice of a fish and coconut macaroni cheese dish, Letitia was put through to the next round.

After hearing the news, Letitia said: "I can't believe it. Oh wow! I am a quarterfinalist!

"I need to get practising like there's no tomorrow!"

Claire added: "I am ecstatic. I truly am. I was really up for a challenge this year and MasterChef is that challenge for me. And I am going to enjoy every minute of it."

Letitia's success comes after fans were left disgusted as a previous contestant served TWO raw meat dishes in ‘bloodbath’ last week.

Contestant Christian prepared a pair of lamb dishes – the first of which was a lamb loin, which Gregg refused to eat as it wasn't cooked to his liking.

Next episode of MasterChef is on tonight on BBC One at 8.00pm.

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