Maura Higgins reveals her new teeth after getting braces to widen her smile

MAURA Higgins has revealed her brand-new smile after months of wearing braces.

The 30-year-old shared a shot of her teeth prior to undergoing the treatment and admitted she had been desperate to widen her smile.

She told her followers: “Nah I didn’t want to post this but wow. Look at my teeth before I started my Invisalign journey. I genuinely thought my teeth were half OK but the difference is just crazy. I had such a narrow smile.”

Speaking on camera, she explained: “So basically I wanted to widen my smile because it was quite narrow and because I wanted it so wide, it’s caused little tiny gaps that were quite obvious.

“So I had to get a certain amount of bonding on top but obviously very subtle, the same shape as my own teeth, but the results have been incredible.”

Her new look comes after she was left "fuming" after her ex Curtis Pritchard accused her of cheating during their seven month romance.

Curtis labelled the Irish beauty, who is now dating Christopher Taylor,  a "cheat", compared her to a second-hand car and a dog on heat for new Channel 4 comedy show Stand Up And Deliver.

The dancer apologised for his comments today, saying: 'I just want to apologise because I know that everyone that listens to this you you always support me and you and yet lovely and give me the utmost respect and thank you so much for that but I just want to apologise to anybody that I have offended.

“Some of the jokes, they were completely off track and went too far and I didn't realise that at the time but I realise it now and I just want to apologise to everybody and anybody that I have offended.

“It was never intentional at all, it really wasn't. It was a great show to be a part of and I was very fortunate to be able to take part but I just want to apologise and say I am sorry for the jokes.”

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