McFly are making a comeback and have signed their first record deal in 10 years with a new album out this year

MCFLY have signed their first record deal in ten years with a new album out this year as they plot their comeback.

The pop group admitted tensions backstage almost scuppered plans to ever return, but after putting their differences aside they're coming back as a four-piece.

Drummer told Harry Judd told the BBC: "Although we never thought they would, things got a bit weird between us.

"We tried to talk it out a couple of times over those years and it just was very unproductive.

"So, yeah, there were moments where we talked about, 'Do we need to get in a room with a therapist and document this?'"

After their huge success in McFly, the four best friends went on to do solo projects.

Harry won the tenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, singer Tom Fletcher joined forces with bassist Dougie Poynter to write children's books and guitarist Danny Jones wrote songs for One Direction and Rihanna.

Tom added: "A lot of those things became the unspoken issues," says Tom.

"These are your best friends, who you want to be stood on stage with – and seeing them do things without you is really difficult to deal with."

"There was a strong possibility McFly would never happen again.

"We genuinely didn't know how to get back on track."

They are now officially back together again after signing their first record deal since 2009, and will release a new album via BMG this year.

They put their differences aside after their manager of 18 years, Matt Fletcher, booked them for the O2 without telling them.

Tom added: "I think having a date in the diary that said 'McFly at the O2' just made us all realise we'd been stupid."

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