Meghan Markle is ready for hate over Netflix doc – but is telling the truth

Meghan Markle is "ready" for the hate she will get after viewers watch her and Prince Harry's story on their new Netflix show.

The trailer for Harry and Meghan dropped earlier this week with viewers desperate to watch the tell-all documentary and hear what the Royal pair have to say about their lives behind the scenes.

Now celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman has claimed that Meghan "knows she'll get hate for this, and she's ready for it."

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She explained: "When Meghan speaks, her position is much like Harry's when he talks to camera – one arm resting casually on the arm of the chair, making her appear truthful. The other arm closes off her body in a protective gesture."

Inbaal also suggests that footage in the trailer shows that Harry is being truthful with his story – due to his open body language.

She said: "When Harry speaks, he's sitting in a low chair, looking comfortable, which makes him appear to be telling the truth. People who lie are more gathered and collected, as it's more complicated to lie, whereas telling the truth takes less effort. His hand is tight on his thigh, in a self-soothing move, gripping himself ready for the inevitable attacks."

Inbaal also believes the trailer helps to highlight the "true alignment" between the couple in the images of them enjoying life they have selected to be show to viewers.

She continued: "The trailer starts with many photos of the couple together – and whether consciously or subconsciously, all the photos show the couple mirroring one another. Their hands reaching for one another in a photo, creating a bridge between them. A cheeky selfie with both looking the same way in another.

"Those images that show them looking at each other, or looking in the exact same direction, with their bodies either facing each other or facing the same way, show true alignment between the pair."

The celebrity expert also noted that while Meghan is shown having a happy childhood filled with love and laughter, Harry appears to be depicted as a serious and anxious child thanks to the drama behind the scenes in his family.

She described: "A series of photos of Harry growing up is quite jarring, all the photos show him looking serious, even uneasy, with his face scrunched up or a raised eyebrow. Whereas Meghan's childhood photos show a happy girl, dancing and playing.

"There's a real dissonance between her regular childhood, depicted in home photos, and his unusual childhood, photographed by strangers. Whether by design or by chance, the message it sends is that Harry's life was never ordinary, and Meghan's was a life more suited to an everyday person."

Harry And Meghan drops on Netflix on December 8.

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