Misfits on Netflix cast: Who is in the cast of Misfits?

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BAFTA-winning series Misfits first hit screens in 2009 on Channel 4, offering up a palate cleanser to the run-of-the-mill superhero stories on screens. The show concentrated on a group of apathetic teens forced to do community service for various reasons when a strange lightning storm imbued them with various superpowers. Misfits followed the group as they contended with their newfound abilities while trying to navigate adolescence and everyday crises caused by the storm. Express.co.uk looks at the cast as the show comes to Netflix UK.

Who is in the cast of Misfits?

Curtis Donovan – Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

British star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett plays Curtis Donovan, a runner who ends his glittering career when he’s caught in possession of drugs. Curtis can reverse time but it all comes too late.

Misfits launched the star’s career and he went on to feature in Channel 4’s Utopia, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Adulting, along with roles this year in Dracula and The Trial of Christine Keeler.

Nathan Young – Robert Sheehan

Irish actor Robert Sheehan plays the irrepressible Nathan Young, who provided much of the comic relief in the series.

Sheehan is now known for playing another superhero who is part of a dysfunctional group in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

His other roles have included Fortitude, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Love/Hate and Genius.

Simon Bellamy – Iwan Rheon

Welsh star Iwan Rheon played the socially awkward Simon Bellamy, who could become invisible when the occasion called for it.

Rheon is now known for his part as the brutal Game of Thrones villain Ramsay Bolton as well as roles in Marvel’s Inhumans and Riviera.

Kelly Bailey – Lauren Socha

Lauren Socha won a BAFTA for her portrayal of no-nonsense teen Kelly Bailey, who had the ability to read minds.

Socha’s other roles include Catastrophe, The Other One, Fanged Up and Urban Myths.

Alisha Daniels – Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas portrayed “beautiful” girl Alisha Daniels, who had the ability to make anyone she touched want to sleep with her.

Since Misfits, Thomas has now become a regular on American medical drama The Good Doctor, along with parts in Sunshine on Leith, Lovesick and lending his voice to the narrator on Teletubbies.

Nikki – Ruth Negga

Irish star Ruth Negga played bar owner and Curtis’ girlfriend Nikki in the show.

Negga reunited with Misfits alumni Joseph Gilgun for AMC’s wacky comicbook series Preacher as well as parts in the critically acclaimed movie Loving, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Secret State.

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Abbey Smith – Natasha O’Keeffe

Natasha O’Keeffe joined Misfits towards the end of the show as teen Abbey Smith. She has since featured in Peaky Blinders, C.B. Strike, Resistance and Sherlock.

Probation worker Shaun – Craig Parkinson

Craig Parkinson played the irreverent probation worker Shaun and has subsequently appeared in Line of Duty, Indian Summers and Black Mirror, among many other projects.

Jess – Karla Crome

Karla Crome took on moody teen Jess later in Misfits and has since appeared in Under The Dome, Carnival Row and The Victim.

Finn Samson – Nathan McMullen

Nathan McMullen was Finn Samson, who held a torch for Jess but was rejected.

McMullen has starred in Doctor Who, The Driver and short films Headless: The Ed Shales Story and Shooting Fish.

Rudy Wade – Joseph Gilgun

Joseph Gilgun took on the part of a teen with a literally split personality as Rudy Wade to bring a dose of comedy following Sheehan’s departure from the series.

Gilgun was best known for This Is England and Emmerdale before Misfits, then going on to feature in Preacher and Brassic.

Alex – Matt Stokoe

Matt Stokoe played Jess’ love interest Alex in the later seasons of Misfits.

He’s most recognisable for his parts in Jamestown, Cursed, The Musketeers and The Village.

Probation worker Greg – Shaun Dooley

Taking on the part of one of the weirder probation workers Greg was Shaun Dooley who performed karaoke to The Power of Love in one of the more surreal moments in the series.

Dooley is no stranger to screens having starred in The Stranger, The Witcher, Gentleman Jack, Broadchurch, among many other roles.

Other Misfits cast members over the years include The Crown and Killing Eve’s Danny Sapani, Alex Reid from Unorthodox, Matthew McNulty from Deadwater Fell, Joseph Atlin from Game of Thrones, Gwyneth Keyworth from Black Mirror and Michael Obiora of Luther fame.

Misfits seasons 1 to 5 are streaming on Netflix UK now

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