Molly-Mae fumes as Tommy Fury flirts with BFF Maura Higgins on Love Island reunion show

MOLLY-MAE Hague fumed beside boyfriend Tommy Fury on last night's Love Island reunion special as they watched their BFF Maura Higgins flirt with him in the villa.

Maura relentlessly pursued Tommy on the show before the boxer made it clear Molly was the one for him.

The couple have been inseparable ever since and still count Maura as their best pal, regularly hanging out together as a trio.

Last night Molly and Tommy cuddled up in bed to watch the ITV2 special, and a teaser for tonight's edition showed Molly becoming irritated by his on-screen antics.

She said: "Just stop talking because you're annoying me now."

Afterwards the couple filmed themselves giggling together, clearly over the drama.

Molly joked: "When you're made to watch your best mate and man crack on!"

Last summer Maura was the subject of nearly 500 complaints to telly watchdog Ofcom after she straddled Tommy and tried to kiss him.

A staggering 486 viewers objected to her "predatory" behaviour, which saw many calling for her to be removed for "sexually harassing" the boxer.

The uncomfortable scenes saw Maura press herself on the sportsman while he was stretched out on the sofa.

He said no and tried to swerve the kiss, and viewers tweeted: "Maura is like a bloody predator. Forcing herself on Tommy like that is wrong."

Earlier in the evening, Maura asked Tommy if he wanted to get "frisky" under the covers and admitted he gave her "f***y flutters".

But red-faced Tommy said he wanted to "get to know her first" and would kiss her "when the time is right".

Refusing to take no for an answer, Maura tracked Tommy down to the sofa, where he was settling down for bed.

The persistent 28-year-old, who works as a boxing ring girl, was then seen pestering him to kiss her.

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