Naked Attraction star walks off after seeing real-life nude women for first time

A Naked Attraction contestant has become the first person to ever walk off the show after being overcome with embarrassment at seeing real-life naked women.

Brian, 23, said he was a virgin and has never seen a woman in her birthday suit in real-life.

Appearing in an upcoming show, he watches as the booths slowly lift up to reveal more of each women's bodies.

Noticing he looks uncomfortable, host Anne says: "You look like you're about to faint, Brian."

The contestant from Kent shakes his head and frowns, saying: "I'm sorry, I need a moment, can I have a little moment?"

He gestures to the staff at the side of the stage and proceeds to walk off to have a break.

Speaking afterwards, Brian explains: "It's overwhelming, I mean, you know in a good way, perhaps I needed this. But I just need to let it sink in just a bit."

Anna later told MailOnline that she believed that it is the first ever "'walk off" on the popular series.

The Channel 4 host said: "A young chap called Brian who is a virgin, a lovely guy, wine connoisseur and proficient musician, felt really faint when he was faced with six naked girls, and needed to be escorted off set and consoled by producers.

"He was a good lad, he came back on and faced the rest of the show."

Anna also revealed the coming series has received more entries than ever before.

"We've been inundated with extraordinarily good people. As well as Brian, we've had our oldest picker, Ian who's 75 and a widower," she added.

"We worked out the other day on Naked Attraction that I've seen over 1,000 penises. I've almost gone penis blind. I just don't really see them anymore."

It comes after Naked Attraction fans were left baffled as a nude man performed a bizarre trick with his penis.

Nude contestant Tony showed off his trademark dance move with his member, flapping it up and down.

Meanwhile, one inked-up contestant was seen licking custard off several nude men.

And another man on the show was filmed eating whipped cream out of a woman’s belly button.

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