NCIS LA: Chris O’Donnells son was stopped from starring in CBS series ‘It didn’t happen

NCIS: Los Angeles sneak peak revealed

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Chris O’Donnell’s wife Caroline Fentress and four of his five children have all appeared in guest spots in his long-running crime drama, NCIS: Los Angeles. Unfortunately, his oldest son Christopher has yet to make his NCIS debut on CBS, and the G Callen star recently opened up to talk show host Stephen Colbert about why they couldn’t make it work.

NCIS LA lead Chris revealed his son Christopher’s cameo was put on hold due to complications with Covid regulations.

His wife Caroline, two sons Finley and Charlie, and his two daughters, Lily and Maeve, have all appeared in the show at some point.

Charlie even had the honour of portraying a younger version of Callen, and made another appearance as Michael Donnelly in a later episode.

“My family, yes,” Chris confirmed during his interview on The Late Show. “All but one.”

“My oldest son had a nice part he was supposed to do, but somebody got Covid and that didn’t happen.”

As the rest of Chris’s family have shown up in the series at least once, hopefully Chrisopher will find a way to make his NCIS debut happen soon.

NCIS: LA has recently been renewed for a 14th season, giving Chris plenty more opportunities to bring his kids in for cameos.

The on-screen special agent also admitted it was rather chaotic when he tried to bring his wife and her friends into the background of a key scene.

Over the course of his time on the series, Chris has directed three episodes, including one involving a horrific shooting.

Unfortunately, the seriousness of the scene was rather undercut when he realised what his team of extras was doing in the background of his shots.

“It was funny, my wife, I had my wife on when I was directing an episode,” he explained.

“She and her friends went, ‘We want to be on. If you’re the director, they can’t say no’. So I was like, ‘Well, okay, we’ll get you in.’”

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Stephen joked: “This is a long-con, this is why she married you!”

“Exactly!” Chris laughed. “This was how she was going to get into the Screen Actors Guild.”

However, Caroline and her friends may not have been invited back after they completely failed to act frightened during what should have been a harrowing attack.

Chris recalled: “So, they have a scene where there’s this guy coming into a restaurant and he starts shooting up the place.

“Everybody freaks out and panics and they’re running away. I’m watching the playback after we did the take, ‘cause there’s hundreds of people there.

“This one group of girls comes running through and they’re all laughing hysterically. And they’re still carrying their real champagne that they had ordered themselves.”

Chris then had to put his director’s hat on when he got a stern reminder from the episode’s director of photography.

“And I look back and the DP comes in, says, ‘Hey Chris, you know they’re all laughing?’” he went on.

“I go, ‘Yeah, I know. That’s my wife. We’re gonna handle that.’

“So I go back and go, ‘Guys. You’re gonna get me fired, so you need to co-operate here and maybe when the guy starts firing a gun it’s not that funny,’ That’s all.”

Thankfully, Chris managed to keep his job on the show after his directing mishap, and is expected to return for more missions as Callen when NCIS: LA season 14 kicks off this year.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 continues Sundays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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