No Good Nick part 2: How many episodes are in the new series?

Netflix has released No Good Nick part two, with all episodes of the new series now streaming on the service. No Good Nick part two episodes finished filming in April 2019 ahead of its release this month. No Good Nick’s first 10 episodes were released by Netflix in April 2019 too.

How many episodes are in No Good Nick season 2?

No Good Nick season two consists of 10 episodes, which were released on Netflix on August 5, 2019.

There is some confusion among fans as to whether these new episodes count as a new season of the family comedy.

According to IMDB, these episodes of No Good Nick are part two of the first series rather than a new season in their own right.

This means the first series of No Good Nick has 20 episodes in total – 10 in part one and 10 in part two.


The episode titles for No Good Nick part two are as follows:

No Good Nick part 1

  • Episode 1: The Catfish
  • Episode 2: The Pig in a Poke
  • Episode 3: The Money-Box Scheme
  • Episode 4: The Badger Game
  • Episode 5: The Pigeon Drop
  • Episode 6: The Glim Dropper
  • Episode 7: The Charity Mugger
  • Episode 8: The Block Out
  • Episode 9: The Man in the Middle Attack
  • Episode 10: The Jam Auction

No Good Nick part 2

  • Episode 1/11: The Bank Job
  • Episode 2/12: The Big Mitt
  • Episode 3/13: The Trojan Horse
  • Episode 4/14: Follow the Lady
  • Episode 5/15: The Italian Job
  • Episode 6/16: The Mystery Shopper
  • Episode 7/17: The Pied Piper
  • Episode 8/18: The Diploma Mill
  • Episode 9/19: The Box Job
  • Episode 10/20: The Fool’s Errand

What will happen in No Good Nick part 2?

Siena Agudong, who plays Nick, told Hollywood Life about No Good Nick season two: “There’s so much pressure on Nick from so many sources and she doesn’t know what’s true anymore.

“Everything she used to rely on is gone now, and she’s really freaking out now. Going into part two, there are higher stakes.

“They put so much pressure on her and continue to build. That balance of her father and the Thompsons really plays a role in part two.

“There’s a lot of struggle. There are so many different things that she needs to consider.”

No Good Nick part 2 is streaming now on Netflix

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