Peter Andre admits he has to 'rein in' Princess after she danced to Cardi B's raunchy song WAP on TikTok

PETER Andre admitted that he has to "rein in" his daughter Princess after she danced to Cardi B's raunchy track on TikTok.

The 47-year-old singer was left cringing at the track his 13-year-old daughter chose for the now-deleted video.

Princess launched her TikTok account last year and her dad Peter Andre has made it no secret he is hesitant to have his kids on social media.

The Mysterious Singer revealed that he didn't actually see the clip as she quickly deleted it but admitted that he has to "rein in" what Princess and her brother Junior, 15, post online.

"I have a great relationship with the kids and I always say to them that everything they put online I will eventually see, so just think, 'Would Dad like this?'" he writes in his column for new! magazine:

"If the answer is no, they don't do it!

"Well, I was told recently that my 13-year-old daughter posted a video of herself on TikTok dancing to Cardi B's song WAP, then deleted it soon after.

"I haven't seen the video, so I'm glad I don't have to."

The pop star said he tried to always be an understanding parent but knows when it's time to draw the line.

He added: "All joking aside, I do try to be an understanding parent, but if we give our kids an inch they will take a mile, so I have to rein them in once in a while.

"Saying that, I'm sure they cringe at my videos, so maybe I need to rethink mine, too!"

Peter who is a dad-of-four to Amelia, six and Theo, three, with Emily, plus Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with his ex Katie Price.

Peter recently jokedthat his son Junior is terrified of him making "uncool music" – and has even banned him from rapping.

He opened up about juggling his career and fatherhood during an appearance on Jess Wright's podcast, where he explained his worried son has laid down the law when it comes to what he can and can't do professionally.

The ex-Towie star asked: "Have you got any plans to go back to music at any point in the near future?"

Peter explained that he'd been asked about putting a new album out, but he has lots of rules to follow to please his son.

He shared: "Junior's like: 'You better not release nothing if it ain't cool. I don't want to get dissed by my friends.'"

Despite Junior worrying about his famous dad being cool, the pair are working together on a new movie – Junior's big break.

They have been documenting filming on their social media pages, and The Sun Online exclusively revealed first-look images at Peter being beaten up by a vicious gang for one scene.

The gritty movie sees the Mysterious Girl hitmaker with a new, tough-guy persona – including a scar on his face and neck tattoo.

Peter previously revealed that On The Other Foot will be released next year, with thrilled Junior teasing an "exciting future" in the past.

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