Piers Morgan reveals his niece Georgie has 'just recovered' from coronavirus as he wishes her a happy 21st birthday

PIERS Morgan has wished his 'lovely' niece a happy 21st birthday – after having just fought off coronavirus.

The TV host shared a cute throwback snap of the uncle and niece duo twinned alongside a birthday picture of Georgie on her big day.

The Good Morning Britain presenter wrote on social media: "Happy 21st to my lovely niece Georgie Tomlinson.

"She’s just recovered from covid and can’t have a party, but is making the best of it. Have a good one G-Dog!"

The host posted the sweet snap of the duo with their arms around each other with a young-looking Piers smiling into the camera, displaying a very slim jawline.

The old photograph shows Piers with a full head of wavy hair and wearing a white shirt at what looks like a garden party.

The current picture of his niece showed her celebrating her birthday outside her house with balloons and banners to mark the occasion, dressed down in a blue hoodie with her hair in a high bun and wearing glasses.

Piers, 55, recently told viewers of the ITV show that a third family member had been struck down after his elderly mother Gabrielle and stepdad Glynne suffered horrendous symptoms and tested positive for Covid-19 last month.

He said: "My niece Millie has got Covid-19. She's over in Cyprus and is in isolation. We've had a lot of Covid in the house. And in the houses of our various family members."

Worried Piers admitted it had been a "scary time" for his family as coronavirus had brought down his elderly mother Gabrielle and stepdad Glynne "like dominos".

The presenter had spoken of discovering the "psychological trauma" of coming up against coronavirus.

He said on the ITV morning show: "50 per cent of the battle for anyone who gets it – especially when you're slightly older – is the psychological trauma you go through.

"All you read about is the horror stories and it's a scary time for people.

"My parents have been very unnerved by it. Thankfully they're starting to come out the other end of it and they haven't had to be hospitalised and no oxygen issues, thank god for that.

"I wanted to talk about it because they felt strongly that if you get this it doesn't automatically mean you're going to go to hospital and you may die."

He added: "It's been a very sobering insight into what it's like for many families."

Morgan has since called Good Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones "Scrooge" for pointing out issues with the new coronavirus vaccine.

The loud-mouthed host compared the medic to the cold-hearted character from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol after he listed a string of potential problems with the Pfizer vaccine.

Last night Boris Johnson announced the UK has stockpiled 40 million doses of the first Covid-19 jab – which requires two shots to work.

Introducing the GP to the show to discuss the breakthrough, Piers said: "Shall we go to Scrooge straight away and see what he can do to ruin it?"

Co-host Susanna Reid quickly butted in adding: Dr Hilary is the voice of reason, of course, and caution."

The 67-year-old doctor then went on to explain: "It's not going to eradicate this virus from the face of the earth and I'll tell you why.


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"Supply is going to be a real problem, it has to be stored at minus 70 to minus 80 degrees which creates problems in its own right.

Therefore it has to be used within five days of being delivered."

"Also we need billions of doses because we need it twice to cover the whole world, and we don't know if it stops transmission of the virus."

Last week the star mocked that he’d been "cruelly overlooked" for a knighthood by The Queen and begged "it’s not too late".

The Good Morning Britain host joked that he would take any recognition at this stage.

Piers spoke while on the show Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best!: "I've been cruelly overlooked by her majesty.

"If she's watching and she probably is. If she knows I'm on she'll be watching. It's not too late your majesty."

The TV star pleaded: "I'll take anything."

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