Piers Morgan sends stinging message to critics 'gleefully celebrating my demise’ as he reveals surging book sales

PIERS Morgan delivered a stinging message for critics who were celebrating his 'downfall' today.

The 55-year-old star, who quit Good Morning Britain rather than apologise to Meghan Markle, revealed his book is surging up the charts.

Piers blew a kiss to his haters as he suggested the news would have them choking on their breakfasts as the charts were revealed this morning.

He tweeted: "Great to see Wake Up back in the Sunday Times best-seller chart for the first time in 10 weeks & at its highest ever position.

"I continue to be staggered by all the support I’m getting. Thank you! (And to all those still gleefully celebrating my ‘demise’, mwah ?)."

Wake Up, Piers' broadside on cancel culture and wokeness, has returned to the bestseller charts since he left Good Morning Britain.

It is now sitting in the No5 spot – the highest it has been since it was published in October last year.

It was revealed today that Ben Shephard is poised to take over from Piers on Good Morning Britain – until September at the least.

Producers have been left scrambling for a replacement on the show ever since the star's departure after a row about Meghan Markle.

On the day Piers stormed off air – on 9 March – Good Morning Britain overtook rivals BBC Breakfast for the first time.

However, since he quit the Beeb has seen its breakfast figures soar as ITV's rival show spirals into a ratings slump.

The show has now lost nearly 40 per cent of its audience since Piers walked out nine days ago.

He has ruled out returning to the show despite more than 360,000 fans signing petitions begging him to reconsider.

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