Piers Morgan’s Gogglebox rant interrupted by cameraman waving in his face as Susanna 'replaces' him with Judge Rinder

PIERS Morgan ranted about Susanna Reid doing Celebrity Gogglebox with Judge Rinder today – but was interrupted by a cameraman waving an arm in his face.

The Good Morning Britain host was furious his TV wife Susanna, 47, had"replaced" him with her pal as a clip aired of them together on the show ahead of Friday's episode.

In the clip, Susanna tells Judge Rinder that she covers the screen with her hand if there is something on the telly that she doesn't want to see.

And as Piers blasted Susanna for betraying him with Judge Rinder, a cheeky cameraman used her trick and blocked Piers' face with his hand to stop him from moaning.

It clearly worked, as Susanna erupted into laughter and Piers couldn't help snap out of his mood.

Speaking about the fun she had with Judge Rinder on Gogglebox, Susanna commented: "We've not got any control over the editing."


And Piers warned: "As our friend Eamonn [Holmes] found out, that editing can be savage."

This Morning host Eamonn accepted an apology from Gogglebox after he furiously slammed the show for an "idiotic and cruel" edit.

The presenter was livid after his words about his own father's death were overlooked in favour of a lighthearted joke he made while watching a sensitive TV clip.

The 60-year-old said he was "hurt beyond belief" that he was made to look like he was having a laugh after watching a child resuscitate his dad who was having a heart attack BBC's Ambulance.

After he slammed Gogglebox on Twitter, a spokesperson for the show said: “We have apologised to Eamonn over what happened in this week’s episode.

"We understand and respect Eamonn’s feelings on such a deeply personal story.

"We have taken the decision to edit the episode for future repeats and All 4. We look forward to working with Eamonn and Ruth for the rest of the series.”

And Eamonn has now put the incident to bed by accepting the apology and looking ahead to future shows.

He shared it on Instagram and wrote: "After last night's clumsy edit which led to a huge amount of distress and outrage to viewers ,myself and my family…. Thank you @c4gogglebox , We move on and look forward to making fun TV."

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