'Power Book II: Ghost': Mary J. Blige Says Portraying Monet Gives Her the Chance to Be Brave

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 is on the horizon. Though the series showcases Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) in the aftermath of his father’s death, other characters are just as vital. On the show, Mary J. Blige portrays Monet Tejada, a queenpin who is ruthless to everyone around her including Tariq and her own children, Cane (Woody McClain), Diana (LaToya Tonodeo), and Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray).

Things are set to become increasingly more challenging for Monet as her incarcerated husband Lorenzo (Berto Colon) becomes more suspicious of her. However, Monet isn’t afraid of anything. In fact, Blige says portraying the character has given her the opportunity to be brave.

Mary J. Blige was very specific about Monet’s wardrobe

Not only was she influenced by the women she grew up around in a Yonkers Housing project, the “All That I Can Say” singer was also very specific about Monet’s wardrobe and style. “Instead of giving her a bang and covering her face, I want people to see her expressions — like, ‘I’m not hiding, don’t f*** … excuse me, don’t play with me,’” Blige told InStyle. “And the red is a sign of fire. I didn’t want blond hair, because that’s my sh**.”

The Mudbound actor also wanted to make sure that Monet’s wardrobe was a mix of street and elevated luxury; very similar to her own. ”Sometimes I feel like looking like a drug dealer, sometimes I feel like a classy lady,” she told InStyle.

Mary J. Blige says portraying Monet in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ gave her the chance to be brave

When it came to literally portray Monet, Blige said it was fairly easy to step into her shoes because she recognized the character. “It was easy to put this character into play, because I know what Power is about,” she explained to the Blige told the LA Times. “I grew up in the inner city, in the projects. I’ve seen what it really is, and Courtney [Kemp] and 50 have been so brilliant in showing it.”

However, she also explained that it gave her a chance to be brave since it flexed a different muscle than singing. “The show Ghost got me real brave,” she told Nas for Interview Magazine. “I’m killing people every day. It’s real brave, the stuff I’m doing on the show.”

Monet may be in trouble in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2

In the first season of Ghost, we watched the increased tension between Monet and Lorenzo. Now, fans are convinced that Lorenzo will be plotting Monet’s demise. “Lorenzo has been calling the shots for the drug organization — even from inside,” a Starz press release reads. “But as Monet continues to flex her independence — and a desire to protect her kids from the game– Lorenzo’s need to control brings them into conflict. Lorenzo becomes intrigued by some secrets Monet has been keeping from him.”

It also looks like Monet is going to find herself swept up by another man, her manipulative and calculating distributor Mecca (Daniel Sunjata).

“Monet finds herself in bed with Mecca, a man who wants to show her a whole new world, potentially at the cost of destroying her old one, forcing Monet to lean on Tariq, who must decide what he really wants and what he’s going to sacrifice to get it,” a Starz press release reads via TV Line.

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