Prince Harry warned as the Queen disowned her own nanny for sharing royal secrets

Prince Harry memoir: Tominey on royal family’s reaction

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Prince Harry’s new memoir announcement was a hot topic on This Morning’s View and Camilla Tominey and Gyles Brandreth were on hand to give their opinions on the matter. Camilla, who specialises in royal journalism, referenced the Queen “disowning” a former nanny after she published “secrets of royal life”. Is this a warning to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who is set to “tell his story”? While the details of the book won’t be known until it is published in late 2022, Gyles thinks a movie will be created off the back of it. 

“What I think is interesting, [going back] to your phone in there, ‘am I being unreasonable?’” Camilla began. “Might be a question Prince Charles and the Queen ask themselves this morning. 

“Since Harry and Meghan departed to the US wanting to live a quieter life and below radar and I think it’s raising eyebrows, not just having these Netflix deals and opening to their hearts to Oprah Winfrey, but this unprecedented memoir. 

“The royals don’t look kindly on people who write books about them,” she continued. 

“Famously, the Queen disowned her own nanny, Marion Crawford because she wrote down the secrets of royal life. 


Prince Harry memoir ‘will be a movie’ predicts Brandreth

“But his books have a tendency to be turned into movies. 

“So I think we’re going to see Prince Harry’s book – which won’t be called Recollections May Vary – we’re going to see it coming out next autumn, not this year, the following and then the year after, we’ll see a movie – this on with run and run.” 


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