Prince Harrys nutritionists advice sparks uproar on This Morning Is that healthy?

This Morning: Nutritionist explains benefits of intermittent fasting

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On Tuesday’s This Morning, ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield invited nutritionist Gabriela Peacock on to the show to discuss intermittent fasting diets. The nutritionist, who once helped Prince Harry before his wedding to Meghan Markle, explained if people want to improve their lifestyle, it is all about making “small changes” to their diet. She went on to add one method of fasting was to eat 500 calories each day for three days. However, the segment sparked an uproar from viewers, with many slamming Gabriela for promoting fasting.

“Why is September a better time to re-start than January?” Phillip asked.

Gabriela replied: “I think they are probably equally as good. September does get forgotten.

“Holidays are quite long, and people travel. It can be very stressful for the body.

“Our diets aren’t particularly good over the summer, and I believe that life is about balance. You should have fun and you will have good weeks and you will have bad weeks.”                                                                                                          

She continued: “But it’s really important after you enjoy your Christmas time or your holidays with your family to really come back and look after your health.

“And make sure your nutritional balance and your body has all the nutrients. It is all about balance.”

Discussing how intermittent fasting works, the guest explained: “I hate the words fasting.

“It does mean restrictive calorie intake, three consecutive days per week.”

“It is not about starving yourself and about feeling horrible,” she added. “It is just restricting calories to create some changes within your body.

“In my book, I recommend a couple of different fasting plans.

“I very much believe we are all individual and I feel you all need to find a plan that fits with your lifestyle.

“If I were to push you too hard then you won’t follow it.”

Angry viewers took to social media following the segment to share their thoughts.

One raged: “500 calories a day isn’t enough at all. Don’t listen to this woman, calling herself a nutritionist is a joke.”

Another tweeted: “No this isn’t good. Can’t believe they are advocating fasting. She keeps saying it’s not fasting then keeps using the word.”

A third penned: “Why do we need a royal nutritionist to tell us how to control our diets. It’s up to you if you want to change your lifestyle #ThisMorning”


“500 cals a day for three days – How is that healthy??” a fourth wrote as a fifth commented: “500 calories a day for 3 days?! Sod right off.” (sic)

A sixth viewer said: “No thanks il just stick to eating what I want when I want life is too short.” (sic)

Another viewer pointed out people are meant to eat 2,000 calories a day.

They explained: “The best way to diet is to not fully cut stuff out but just have it in small doses. it’s starving yourself not dieting.” (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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