Pro cleaner says 65p product is all you need to banish stains and bad smells

There’s nothing like walking into a clean, fresh-smelling house. But you don’t need to break a sweat scrubbing away for ages to get great results.

According to a cleaning expert who’s been in the business for 20 years, all you need is one simple product – and it can be used for multiple purposes.

That item is bicarbonate of soda. Many of us have heard of the wonders of the chemical compound, and it’s something that Danielle Mason also swears by.

The cleaning pro, who also doubles as a TV and radio presenter, says baking soda can not only be used to remove stubborn stains, but also to freshen even the nastiest smelling areas, including the bin.

And the good news is, bicarbonate of soda is a budget-friendly buy. You can get one pack of the stuff for just 65p at Asda (other supermarket alternatives available are slightly pricier).

Danielle, who goes by Miss Mason Cleaning on Instagram, says in her bio she has two decades experience in good housekeeping.

She recently shared her tips with The Star for using bicarb soda for lots of cleaning purposes, including giving the mattress a refresh and sprucing up the microwave.

Her tips for the bin are: sprinkle some bicarb on your bins once every week, which should leave it smelling clean.

For mattresses, dash some of the white stuff on top and let it absorb for an hour. Then hoover up the remains.

She claims these measures take away any nasty odours and stains.

Danielle says you can also use it as a cleaning solution for shiny floors – all you need is to add half a cup of bicarb into a warm bucket of water, and you can then mop with this (but make sure to wash out all the items afterwards).

If you have carpeted floors, mix one cup of bicarb with a cup of salt and a cup of white vinegar. Apply the paste to stains on carpet and let it dry, before hoovering up the excess.

Around the kitchen, there are a few different uses for bicarbonate of soda recommended by Danielle.

Sprinkle some of the powder onto a wet sponge to slough off burnt-on food in your microwave, or to shine up taps and counters. Using a dry microfibre cloth to buff away streaks gives the best results.

Similarly, dishcloths that are getting a bit smelly can be washed with the bicarb, says Danielle: just soak them in a warm bucket of water mixed with the stuff.

Just try not to do all those things in the same day, as you are dealing with a chemical compound, and avoid mixing cleaning products to avoid adverse reactions.

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