Real reason The Brotherhood were forced to quit Britain’s Got Talent

The Brotherhood have left their Britain's Got Talent fans fuming after being forced to pull out of tonight's semi-final – after TV bosses refused to let them perform.

The daredevil magic act featuring three masked men had planned to pull out a special performance for tonight's BGT ahead of Sunday's final.

But they were forced to quit the competition after four months of preparation because producers deemed their last act too dangerous.

In a statement posted last night to their Instagram , The Brotherhood revealed their disappointment at ITV's decision.

"We've learned to stay humble in the good times and humble in defeat. We've worked for the last 4 months on an act so ambitious and out there that we've put our sanity, blood, sweat, fire and tears on the line," they wrote.

"Through circumstance and bad luck out of our hands sadly we aren't in a position where we can deliver what we set out to do. It kills me that we've failed and that we will no longer be in 2019's @bgt competition.

"We are truly gutted that we won’t get to be in the fight but we aimed for the stars and fell short. It's been an absolutely incredible ride for BGT this year and I wish all the acts still In the competition the best of luck and success and that a magic act can bring home the crown again."

The team went on: "If we've taken anything from this, it's that collectively YOU can achieve great things, no matter what's in front of you. No matter what is happening in the world, the power of friendship and dreaming big is a powerful thing.

"Thank you to each and every single person that messaged us (both the love and the hate)- you've made us smile and proud. 4 yes's and 2.6 million views on YouTube makes this crazy ride worth it.

"Big love. See you soon," they finished.

The act also shared three teasers to show fans what they'd planned for their semi-finals performance.

One clip saw one of the masked men with his hands chained and padlocked, with the thick chain binding his wrists together and wrapping around his neck and torso.

The second showed another of the performers standing inside a metal cage as fire shot out at him, appearing to set his cloak alight.

And the third had the last man crouched inside a perspex box filled with water as the other two appeared to seal the top with tools.

Their gutted fans flocked to Instagram to ask if this was the act they'd prepared for tonight's show.

"Keep up the crazyness that makes the world tick!" one pleaded.

"Gutted you guys didn't get to perform your act ! Left wondering now," said another.

And a third wrote: "Oh gosh, this is the stuff of nightmares for me."

A spokesperson for BGT confirmed to the Mirror: "The Brotherhood have had to withdraw from the Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Finals. Libby and Charlie will now be performing on Friday night's show. "

And a separate TV source told the Mirror: "The health and safety of all the performers is a huge priority to the show and producers will only allow acts to take part who they are certain are adequately prepared."

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