RHONJ's Jackie Goldshneider 'disgusted' by Teresa Giudice & claims she spread cheating rumor to 'earn a TV paycheck'

REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldshneider was "disgusted" by Teresa Giudice and claimed she spread the cheating rumor about her husband, Evan, to "earn a TV paycheck."

For most of the past season, Jackie and Teresa feuded after the latter spread a rumor that Evan was cheating on her when he went to the gym.

Jackie, 44, went on the podcast Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari to talk about her recent drama with Teresa, 49, after RHONJ's season 11 ended on Wednesday night.

When talking about why she was so hurt by Teresa's claims that Evan cheated on her, she said: "Yeah, I mean, people said to me, 'don't you know what you signed up for?'"

"And I do, I signed up for a show about my real life and I am very, very open about my real life. I mean, you know, from like my sexual habits with Evan, to my eating disorder, to my parents, to my strange relationship with my sister, you can have it all. I'm not hiding anything, but I didn't come on to have things made up about people I love."

The housewife continued: "So I was really thrown for a loop because I never expected anything like this.

"I know Teresa has to, you know, earn her paycheck.  But I just thought that this was just beyond anything that I could have imagined. And frankly, it made me question whether I wanted it to be a part of it anymore, which is why I didn't go to Lake George.

"It wasn't running away from anything. I just really needed to take a step back and say, 'is this right for my family?'

"I was really disgusted, disappointed. I thought the whole thing was awful. I don't think that damaging a family with young children and a marriage that's stable and beautiful is the price you pay for coming on a reality show.
I just don't. And I don't think that Bravo thinks that either, but you know, once it happened and once it was on camera, we couldn't, you know, put the toothpaste back in the tubes. So I had to deal with it.

"And while the girls were filming in Lake George, Evan, and I really had a lot of talks about it. And we ultimately decided that we didn't want this to chase us off the show. The most important thing was that we trusted each other and we would deal with it."

The devoted mom went on to explain that she was happy with how they handled the situation as a couple and how they were able to move on from it.

However, she slammed Teresa for her "mediocre" apology.

At the beginning of the season, Jackie celebrated Evan's birthday with a big backyard party, where Teresa began to tell the other housewives that she had heard rumors of Evan cheating.

Following the party, Jackie asked Teresa to sit down for a discussion about the rumor.

After Teresa refused to state that she spread the rumor without evidence, Jackie made a false claim that Gia, 20, does cocaine.

She said in a fit of rage: "I heard that Gia snorts coke at the bathroom at parties! I heard it! I don't know who I heard it from. I heard it from somebody."

Teresa angrily responded by calling Jackie a "f**king b**h" and stormed out of the room as she continued to cuss her out.

The feud continued into the following episodes, while the other Bravo stars tried to persuade Teresa to apologize.

Jackie and Teresa ended their feud when the workout enthusiast apologized at the Jersey Shore, saying: "Listen, Jackie, I didn't like the way things went down yesterday and you know, I'm not trying to hurt you in any way, you or your family.

"So just, can we just drop everything?"

Jackie replied: "I would like that, I just want it to all be done. But do not bring up my husband anymore." 

Teresa seemed to agree with Jackie's request as she said: "It's dropped, I'm never gonna bring it up again."

Teresa continued apologizing throughout the season and even did so once more during the reunion.

She even apologized to Evan multiple times.

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