Richard Hammonds row with James May while filming Grand Tour: He snapped and screamed

Richard Hammond's Workshop: Trailer from Discovery Plus

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Richard Hammond will star in the new series of The Grand Tour, which is released on Friday. Titled “Carnage A Trois”, the trio will set off from Wales towards the English Channel, exploring the world of French cars along the way. This is the second of potentially three UK-based specials, although it is likely the next will see the team leave Britain for the third. Hammond, Clarkson and May are known for their close friendship having worked together since their Top Gear days.

But in a 2019 interview, Hammond admitted that at the time his relationship with May was tested.

He said: “On this latest trip, James just snapped and screamed about the way I was spreading margarine on my toast.

“He shouted: ‘I hate the way you do that!’ That was when I knew we’d spent too much time together.

“When we get together, we know how to push one ­another’s buttons. It’s like marriage, really – and we’ve probably lasted longer than some marriages!”

Hammond was also keen to set the record straight over two constant taunts from his co-stars.

He added: “Despite their jokes, I don’t actually dye my hair and I’m not actually that short. It’s just that they’re too bloody tall.”

“The fact is I am still younger than those two. And I’ve joked I might be wheeling them on set if we carry on together much longer. It’ll be a case of: ‘I had a stroke first!’”

In an interview earlier this month, Hammond discussed the upcoming series of The Grand Tour.

On whether any of his co-stars would admit to owning a French car, he responded: “I don’t think we have.

“There aren’t that many and French cars fit in with the French way of life.

“The most disgusting thing you can do in France is to clean your car on the driveway on a Sunday morning.

“That would be appalling behaviour, they’d die of shame!”

Following the new episodes, May vowed this week that there is more to come from The Grand Tour.

Speaking to Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard on today’s Good Morning Britain, he said: “We did have plans originally for Russia. We’ve got various other ones in our back pocket; we’re not throwing them away, they’re being postponed because of coronavirus.

“The French film, Carnage A Trois, is the second of our UK mini special… they were designed to keep the thing going until we can get back to normal life which is taking a bit longer than we initially thought, but we’ll do it eventually.

“We are unstoppable.”


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The trio are also working on their individual projects too.

Clarkson launched one of the biggest success stories of the year with Clarkson’s Farm, which has already been commissioned for a second series.

Meanwhile, May is filming his second Our Man travel show, this time heading to Italy, while Richard has launched another car show called Richard Hammond’s Workshop, restoring cars which he describes as his “genuine passion project”.

The synopsis for the latest episode reads: “On an epic road trip starting in the Welsh hills, they dish up a hair-raising mountain climb, bomb defusals, propeller powered cars, helicopter stunts and the most thrilling race of their lives before reaching the English Channel for a jaw dropping medieval climax.”

“And a soupcon of French art house cinema.”

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