Sally Nugents interview with Tory MP branded car crash by BBC fans Hasnt got a clue

Paul Scully grilled on national living wage by Sally Nugent

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Paul Scully, the Minister for Small Businesses, appeared on Tuesday’s instalment on BBC Breakfast to address the impact of national living wage rising ahead of Wednesday’s 2021 Budget announcement. However, the interview was quickly slammed by viewers who described it as a “car crash”, with some saying the minister “hadn’t got a clue”.

About five million public sector workers are in line for a pay rise next year which is expected to bring an end to a year-long wage freeze.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will make the announcement as part of Wednesday’s 2021 Budget.

BBC Breakfast presenter welcomed Mr Scully onto the programme to discuss the matter and how it will affect workers.

She asked: “Let’s start with where we are at the moment – of course, workers are already impacted by a pay freeze and rise in living costs, can you promise that any rises will make up for what they’ve lost already?”

He replied: “What happens now is the pay review bodies for nurses, police and teachers etc, will go away and they will consider over the next few months what’s the appropriate recommendation to Government, they will then recommend that to the Chancellor and he will recommend that earlier next year.

“So I can’t speak anymore about what’s going on except that we want to end the pay freeze.”

However, unconvinced viewers took to social media to hit out over both Mr Scully’s answers and Nugent’s choice of questions.

Geoff Bradley tweeted: “Yet another car crash interview by Sally Nugent with the minister for small businesses. Why ask questions that include the words guarantee and promise, when no minister will answer these questions?”

Doddsy added: “Is Paul Scully really a minister of state? Pretty sure I could have been the guest on #BBCBreakfast and been more convincing. No amount of flinging your arms around can disguise the fact that you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.”

Jack commented: “The day before the budget and Paul Scully appears to not be able to do the sums.”

Autumn said BBC Breakfast chose Mr Scully from the “bottom of a very large barrel”. 

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