Sean is brutally attacked in Corrie

When Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) is violently attacked in Coronation Street, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) is worried that his new boyfriend Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) may be behind it after the pair snipe at each other. Could this trigger the end of their blossoming relationship?

It’s no secret that Paul has rough edges and a more criminal side after spending time in prison but until now, things between himself and the vicar have been going well. However a prank from Paul upsets Sean and leaves Billy unsure about his behaviour.

Sean is nervous about his imminent date and Paul nabs his phone and sends a cheeky message to the guy he is meeting up with. Sean is hurt and embarrassed while Billy berates Paul for his actions.

Paul and Sean continue to bicker and Billy is caught in the middle and when Sean eventually comes back from his date, he sighs to him that by the time he arrived, the guy was already kissing someone else. He blames Paul for sending the text and storms out.

Later, Summer suggests they go to the Weatherfield Light Festival and Paul is bored to be dragged along with Billy and Sean.

The next day, Paul is clocked with some dodgy mates by a suspicious Sean and when Paul gifts Billy with some expensive headphones, Sean assumes that when the medical centre charity box goes missing that Paul took it.

A police officer comes to question him and Paul is furious and when Moira admits she called them after Sean admitted his suspicions, Paul launches himself at him and Billy gets between them.

Later, on the way home, Sean is punched to the ground in the ginnel. Is Paul behind the attack? And how will Billy react?

One to watch: Friday 5th July at 8:30pm on ITV.

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