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CASUALTY will return on Saturday, August 20, with a brand new series on BBC One.

With tensions brimming in the ED, here's what you can expect from the medical drama.

1. Charlie loses hope

After some time under the sun, Charlie Fairhead (played by Derek Thompson) is ready to get back to work.

But when he returns from his Greek holiday, the nurse is shocked to find the ED in a bad state.

To make matters worse, he learns a 19-year-old died in Resus from an overdose after waiting for over 40 minutes as patients from a dock fire were being treated and that there are no beds.

Charlie is determined to turn things around despite all of this and doesn't let Dylan's bad mood get to him.

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Slowly but surely, however, the tables turn and Charlie loses faith in the NHS.

2. Dylan is at his wit's end

Charlie isn't the only one to feel progressively drained as Dylan Keogh (William Beck) will be just as down in the dumps.

A host of issues in the ED leave him at the end of his rope and is rattled when a deflated Charlie fails to lift his spirits.

Charlie admits his faith has gone but Dylan vows to change things.

Will he manage it?

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3. David continues to struggle

Meanwhile, David Hide (Jason Durr) is still reeling from the shock of his son Ollie's death following a school shooting he instigated.

But concerns will grow when he'll be found in the staff room with a box full of the lad's belongings.

David brushes off the worry but continues to spiral, most notably by asking Dylan for help in decoding scribbles in Ollie's notebook.

Dylan wonders whether occupational health has cleared David too early and his fears seemed to be confirmed when he's found burning Ollie's belongings at home.

What else will David be up to?

4. David is haunted by his past

While that remains to be seen, one thing is certain – David has unfinished business to handle.

As his story continues, David's former wife Rosalene will make an appearance and it's clear they're handling their grief very differently.

She shows up on David's doorstep with a series of requests – how will he react?

While Rosalene was present when Ollie breathed his last, she seemed to vanish soon after, leaving David alone in his turmoil.

The nurse will also be confronted with the return of a former patient of his.

Susan was treated by David in 2019 and it was apparent she was suffering from Schizoaffective Disorder, but she will be returning to the ED with a new injury.

Could she bring David some peace of mind?

Will romance be in the cards for them?

5. One familiar face could leave

Speaking of familiar faces, a fan favourite could be leaving the ward during the new Casualty series.

Actor George Rainsford has been playing the role of Ethan Hardy since 2014 and his days in the ED are apparently numbered.

In recent weeks, the soap star has left fans on the edge of their seats after sharing a cryptic post on social media in which he found a script of an old episode while clearing his dressing room.

Casualty bosses have neither confirmed nor denied George would be leaving the show, thus making his fate uncertain.

Fans will just have to keep an eye out for his character.

6. Paige's ordeal continues

Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) recently tested positive for the BRCA gene after undergoing tests following her mother's death from breast cancer.

Rash Masum was beside himself when the news was broken to him but he has been eager for her to be treated as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Paige has tried to make it clear she needs time to process everything.

With the emotional weight of her diagnosis weighing heavy on her mind, Paige will have to make some harrowing and life-changing decisions about her future.

What's in store for her?

7. Marty and Adi get ready for a baby

Elsewhere in the ED, Marty Kirkby and Adi Kapadia (Shaheen Jafargholi and Raj Bajaj) are taking their relationship to the next level after Robyn Miller agreed to be their surrogate.

Robyn was inspired to make the decision after Adi's previous surrogate lost her baby back in April, 2022.

Earlier in 2022, Robyn had her own bumpy storyline when she found out she was pregnant again but was considering an abortion for financial reasons.

But with drama unfolding over the course of this next series, will everything really go according to plan for the trio?

Will the single mother have a change of heart?

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Find out on BBC One.

Casualty airs weekly on Saturdays from 8.30pm.

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