Sharon Osbourne blasts Prince Harry for cutting his children off

Sharon Osbourne shares concerns over Harry & Meghan’s children

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TalkTV host Sharon Osbourne and her panel discussed clips from the Duke of Sussex’s explosive television interviews which will be broadcast on CBS and ITV on Sunday. During the debate, Sharon noted how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s young children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, will grow up “with no family” on either parents’ side. The 70-year-old branded the situation “ugly” and “very sad”. 

During Tuesday’s instalment of her TalkTV show, Sharon claimed the younger generation supports Harry and Meghan’s decision to start a new life in California. 

However, she added: “The older generations have definitely had it up to here with the whining.” 

“But the younger kids, they definitely support them,” Sharon said. 

She also reminded the panel how all families argue and told viewers it was normal to row with loved ones. 

Sharon said: “There’s nothing like a good old bust-up, it’s normal but what isn’t normal is, it’s for [Prince Harry’s] children.

“His children will grow up with no family, not on his wife’s side, or his.

“Now that is a terrible thing for children. It’s so ugly.” 

The majority of the panel agreed with Sharon and said they found the situation with Archie and Lilibet “very sad”. 

Panelist Kevin O’Sullivan weighed in on Prince Harry’s upcoming ITV interview with journalist Tom Bradby during the TalkTV show.

He said: “These clips we have just seen are tacky and excruciating.

“[Prince Harry] is sounding now, and looking like a desperate reality TV star who has to do dramatic interviews to get noticed and make money.

“So welcome to the brilliant new TV series, The Only Way Is Sussex. I mean, it’s just getting embarrassing.” 

Kevin was referring to a series of clips that have been released by ITV from the royal’s interview which will air on January 8. 

Within the footage, Harry says “it never needed to be this way” and refers to the “leaking and the planting” of articles. 

However, he also adds: “I would like to get my father back. I would like to get my brother back.”

The interview will be aired two days before Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare is released. 

Harry’s sit-down interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes will also air on January 8 where he claims he had been forced to make his concerns public.

Harry says “silence is betrayal” in a clip from the interview which was released on Monday. 

He is referring to the alleged failure of Buckingham Palace to defend him and Meghan before they stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family. 

The Talk with Sharon Osbourne airs on weeknights at 9pm on TalkTV. 

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