Shetland heartache as Jimmy Perez forced to arrest Duncan over Donnas death?

Shetland: Duncan promises to help Donna

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The fourth episode of the Scottish crime drama continued on Wednesday and saw Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) deal with the aftermath of an attack that saw Logan Creggan (Stephen McCole) shoot his own son. Despite not remembering what happened, Logan went on a rampage in a bid to find out who killed his son. It was only at the end of the episode, that Jimmy revealed Logan was the one who accidentally shot his own son.

Another storyline that dominated the episode was about Donna Killick (Fiona Bell).

Donna first appeared in series four of Shetland in 2018, and she was the head of an animal sanctuary.

Donna went on to have an affair with Duncan Hunter, the father of Perez’s stepdaughter Cassie (Erin Armstrong).

In series four, Jimmy arrested Donna for the murder of Lizzie Kilmuir.

However, she was only convicted after the detective re-opened the case following the murder of journalist Sally McColl.

It also turned out Duncan was the father of Donna’s son, Alan.

Donna has made a return to the BBC series, as she was released from prison following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

With just weeks to live, Donna wanted to come back to Shetland to see out her dying days.

Many people are unhappy with Donna’s return, except for Duncan who seems to want to help her.

During Wednesday’s instalment, Donna got attacked in the street and Duncan came to her aid.

Later on, Donna asked the bar owner if he would do “anything to help her”.

“I’m scared,” Donna told Duncan as he replied: “You don’t need to be, I am here.”

“But, for how long?” Donna asked as Jimmy reassured: “For as long as you need me to be.”

Donna continued: “This is going to get a lot harder and I am going to need your help. You will help me, won’t you?”

Duncan stared at Donna, before reluctantly replying: “Yeah.”

Viewers were also quick to comment on the storyline, with many coming up with the theory that Donna was going to ask Duncan to assist her with her death.

Others believed Donna will frame Duncan for her death, meaning Jimmy would have to arrest his friend.

Debbie penned: “Is Donna going to ask Duncan to help her die? And him being a softhearted idiot will do it #Shetland.”

Twitter-user @DorsetGirl wrote: “I’m not enjoying the Donna Killick storyline at all, and anything that takes Duncan away from Jimmy is by definition not good.”

While Angela commented: “Duncan don’t be taken by this manipulative murderer. She’s evil.”

@Surviving2021 wrote: “This cow wants Duncan to mercy kill her and then she’ll leave a letter behind saying he murdered her so he’ll go to jail and Jimmy will have to arrest him…….”

Shetland returns next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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