Shudder's Scare Me Gets Funny And Offbeat First Trailer

Horror streaming platform Shudder has released some great new scary movies over the past few months, including the stylish Indonesian supernatural horror Impetigore and the lockdown found footage hit Host. In October, the service will release the horror comedy Sundance hit Scare Me, and the first trailer has been released.

Scare Me stars Josh Ruben, who also wrote and directed it, and Aya Cash, who can be seen in the upcoming The Boys Season 2. They play a couple who are spending the night in a spooky cabin on a rainy night, and decide to start trying to scare each other in a variety of ways. From the trailer it’s hard to work out exactly how this will fill an entire movie, but it looks pretty funny. Check it out below.

In a recent interview with Daily Dead, Cash spoke about the challenges of starring in a dialogue-heavy movie with very few actors and a single location. “I think it’s really scary to do something like that,” she said. “There’s always editing, right? I think that’s what actors don’t realize, and we like to take credit for when we have a great performance. And editing does wonders. So you can craft a performance in an edit. So I always think of editing as the last catchall. But it’s super scary to just show up and be like, ‘We’re just going to tell each other stories?'”

“It’s just people talking,” she continued. “That’s not normally what you think is going to be a hit. Because people are coming to movies to see something visual. But I think what Josh does so brilliantly in the film, is it’s just ever so slightly accentuated, and you never quite know what’s real, what’s imagination, when is it going to turn. And that’s what keeps you excited.”

Scare Me hits Shudder on October 1. For more, check out GameSpot’s guide to the biggest upcoming horror movies of 2020 and beyond.

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