Simon Cowell has ‘changed a lot’ says Sinitta as she opens up on extremely bad times

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TV personality and record executive Simon Cowell, 62, has been in the industry for years, but Sinitta, 57, seems to have remained a close friend throughout. The duo have famously been close for a long time, with Sinitta often making guest appearances on The X-Factor. Speaking exclusively to, the So Macho singer opened up on how her relationship with Simon has remained strong despite him changing through the years.

“Lockdown is the longest I have not seen Simon,” Sinitta admitted.

“And with being on tour this year, which was postponed three times, it meant that I have had to remain in the UK.

“However, we talk on the phone, and we have plans to get together possibly for Christmas with all our kids, who all adore each other.”

Talking about how they have remained so close, the TV personality explained: “We are lifelong friends and have become like family.

“Despite the highs and lows we have both been through, we are still the same people at heart.

“He has changed a lot but so have I, we care for one another, and we get on so well.

“We have also been there for each other in extremely bad times.

“Maybe that is the secret to all good friends, people who ‘get’ you.”

Speaking before Simon’s decision to take a break from TV and pull out of his upcoming show Walk The Line, Sinitta said she’d likely be making an appearance, but Simon may not.

She stated: “I am going to say yes, I will be making an appearance on it, but knowing him, he will then not do it to be funny!

“But we have such a laugh together, he is still one of the funniest people I know, and I am so comfortable with him and myself 100 percent.”

It was announced last week, Simon has made the decision to step down from his upcoming ITV show to spend more time with his family.

The presenter is set to be replaced by Gary Barlow for the new series.

It comes 15 months after Simon’s back injury which left him needing critical surgery in 2020.

Talking about the pandemic, Sinitta opened up on the ways in which it inspired her to help others quit smoking, resulting in her participation in last month’s Stoptober campaign.

“I caught the virus very early on in the pandemic – my lungs still burn a little with strenuous exercise,” she said.

“I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had continued socially smoking.

“The virus attacks the lungs and is a big wake-up call for everyone who smokes.

“We now live in a different world, and it is important people for people to realise.”

Encouraging others to join her in quitting the habit, she advised: “Tell everyone around you that you are going to give Stoptober a go, as having a good support network around you is one of the best things you can do for your quitting journey.

“Get yourself a jar or envelope, and all the money you save from not buying cigarettes, pop in there. It is super important you do not cheat!”

Smokers were urged to join the thousands of people who are stopping smoking. For free support to quit search ‘Stoptober’ or go to for information on local support services to help you quit.

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