Spoilers: Danger for Valerie as she meets dodgy copper DS Bale in Doctors

Receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) in Doctors is undeniably a very nosey person indeed and is often accused of taking an unhealthy interest in the personal affairs of virtually everyone she knows or comes across.

However, while not exactly a good thing in itself, every now and again, Valerie’s lack of respect for people’s personal privacy can end up working out for the best.

It all begins when Valerie meets Alan Yates (Jess Conrad), an elderly man with anxiety issues during a routine VPAS visit. Alan’s life seems to have been revitalised at the very moment DS Tony Bale (Simon Cotton) recruited him to help assist him with his ongoing surveillance operation on a house across the road. Alan clearly enjoys being involved.

But the more Valerie sees, the more suspicious she gets.

For one thing, it soon becomes clear that Bale is ignoring Alan’s obvious health needs: Alan admits he has been so busy helping with the surveillance operation that he has neglected to pick up his latest supply of meds.

Valerie’s suspicions deepen. Bale does have a warrant card, but is he really who he claims to be? If so, why has he never heard of prominent local policeman, Sgt Rob Hollins (Chris Walker)? What exactly is he up to?

Valerie tries to get information from Rob as discretely as she can. But, over time, she becomes acutely aware that both she and Alan might be in an increasingly perilous situation.

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